My name is Cindy Carbone, and I am a health activist.  I revolutionize women with the information, inspiration and power they need to finally create a healthy body, and life that they love.

PSST!  You are a perfect candidate if you hate diets, have a love affair with food, and want to enjoy your life to the fullest.  I promise that you are not a slave to your cravings, your metabolism is not a snail in disguise, and you can change your health and your body in a way that gives you pleasure and purpose.

I am the proud creator of The CLEAN Eating Formula and the easy to access online learning/coaching program called the Mind/Body Reset Academy.  

My programs are designed to change your mind, body, and life, for good.

Is this what you want for yourself?  Then you are in the right place.



I don’t know who you are.  But I know you want to feel and look your best. I do not have a quick, easy overnight fix for you. But I do have a very particular way of approaching health and life.  It is a unique, engaging approach that makes me a savior for people like you.  People who want to look, feel, and BE their best.

When it comes to weight loss and health in America, we do everything wrong.  If you don’t believe me just look around, or google our health and weight statistics. We have the wrong strategy, clearly.  We have the wrong beliefs, obviously. And we have the wrong mindset, definitely.

This is the real reason why 70% of American’s are overweight, and more than half have a chronic illness.  It is also the reason why 95% of diets fail.

Since we are entering into a new friendship here, I need to make sure that we have a mutual understanding.

Health is vitality.  Health is abundance.  Health is energy.  Health is connection. Health is intentional.  Health is spiritual.  Health is a state of being, that encompasses the body, mind, and the soul.

Diets, supplements, and meal replacements are none of those things.  Diets are about calorie calculations, breaking food down into parts, portion control, deprivation, starvation, disconnection, excessive exercise, and other obsessive, rigid, and incredibly annoying behaviors.

No one wants to be on a diet.  Everyone wants to be healthy.  Capice?

In America, you are just like everyone else if you diet.  But if you want to create true health in America, you must become a revolutionary.

Now that we got that out of the way, I can be candid with you.  If you want another diet, I cannot help you.

But if you want to be healthy, I welcome you with open arms to my healthy revolution.

The Mind/Body Reset Academy creates informed, inspired and powerful women, and we are changing the world.

A self-help meets memoir about love, hate, and self-discovery in marriage. This is the story of how one lost and resentful heart found her way back to her husband’s by questioning everything she knew about relationships and herself.

In October 2016, Cindy Butler Carbone bared her tale in a blog post called “How I Stopped Hating My Husband.” It exploded in popularity, leading to a career in health coaching, hundreds of inspired readers, and now a tell-all book.

Cindy’s touching confessional is for anyone looking to design a better union, whether you are happily married, facing a divorce, struggling in the child rearing years, or disenchanted empty nesters. If you’ve ever wondered “how do I stop hating my husband” this is how.

I cannot tell you how much I love the course!  I am beginning Day Four today and I feel like I’m learning so much about myself.  I was talking my husband’s ear off last night about the things I have learned.

For example, I went to Medi Weight-loss Clinic in Southlake about 8 months after my youngest was born and I lost a lot of weight.  I can remember my neighbor saying, “you must feel great.”  But the irony is that I didn’t feel great.  I looked great but I still had headaches and I was nauseous from all of the vitamin supplements. I’ve come to a point where it is much more important for me to feel good and be healthy than to be thin.  The “looking good” part will follow. Diet is definitely a four letter word for me and I’m thrilled to be a part of a program that focuses on much more than what you are “allowed and not allowed” to eat.
I am also having a great time working on my affirmations.  My favorite is – “Be a Warrior not a Worrier.”  I am a terrible worrier and it creates stress and hinders my progress in life.  That quote is one that I now carry around in my pocket.  : )
I am very grateful to have found your program.

Tiffany Clerc

So many people today struggle with healthy living, which leads them to fad diets and yo-yo weight struggles.  Cindy taught me that healthy living is NOT about  a diet or new workout routine. Healthy living is about being educated and knowledgeable about food and health.  It is about enjoying food and life.  It is about having the right mindset necessary for total wellbeing. Healthy living is fulfilling and it gives me purpose, a diet never did that for me. Cindy’s expertise and passion are evident in all she does, and her process is fun, engaging, and educational.

Jenn Reichenbacher

VP Mktg and Director of Product Delivery, iPayment Inc

Are you.....

someone who wants to have a healthy happy life? This Academy is for those people who enjoy learning about food and health. This is not a diet, this course will give you the inside scoop about true health and happiness.  This course contains information that 90% of American’s know nothing about.

Are you.....

tired of diets, counting calories, and gimmicks? Do you feel like you have tried it all?  I have news for you, healthy living has never been about calories, diets or willpower, and it never will be.  Healthy living is about delicious and nourishing foods.  It is also about the thoughts you hold inside your head.

Are you.....

so confused about what to eat because of ever changing nutrition advice? Do you want the truth once and for all?  There is a scandal out there robbing American’s of health and happiness.  I want you to be smart and informed!

Are you.....

so tired of feeling stuck?  Are you ready to finally create a healthy body, and life that your love? Change your mind, then it’s easy to transform your life. The Academy will change your mind. It’s simple science, and it’s a promise.