I want to share my unique and simple 5 step C.L.E.A.N. Eating Formula that results in a healthy body, a powerful mind, and a fulfilling life.  We all know what clean eating means, but my formula takes YOU to a higher level.  I encourage you to consider this approach and utilize it in any area of your life where you want to make lasting change.


Are you committed?

Who do you want to be?  Understand this.  You already are the person you want to be.  I know that sounds confusing.  Hear me out.

That person you think about, that person that sits on your shoulder and whispers in your ear. That person that fulfills your dreams. That is the highest and best version of you.  That is the side of yourself that is longing to be recognized and released.  It IS who you are at your core which is why you feel stuck and lost without that person.

Are you committed to be that person?  What are the character traits of that person?

This is not about saying “I want to be thin.”  I know thin people who are total whack jobs.  I know people who are beautiful physical specimens that have no self-esteem.

This is not about what you look like, or “finding yourself,” this is about waking up, breaking your patterns, getting off auto-pilot, and becoming the best version of you.


Learn the real deal about food and health in America.  You have been brainwashed your entire life.  Food and health are not complicated issues.  Lies and misinformation have led us all astray, and left us feeling confused.

It is imperative that you liberate yourself from the group think mentality, and the fast food American culture that literally breeds diets, disease, drugs and death by lifestyle.  You need to know the truth. You need to raise your awareness if you are going to separate yourself, and your children from statistics like this:

  • 1 in 3 American’s are predicted to develop cancer in their lifetime
  • 1 in 3 of our children are predicted to develop diabetes
  • 1 in 2 of our children already have a chronic health condition

I hope, like me, you find those statistics unacceptable.  And I hope you are willing to DO something about it.


In addition, you need to learn about human behavior.  This involves understanding ourselves in the simplest of forms.  You are nothing more or less than a product of your choices.

You are not your past.  You are your present moment!  You are what you think, feel and do right now.

Limiting beliefs that stop you dead in your tracks are not real.  They are excuses.  Stop overwhelming your brain with all the negative thoughts, and just say, I CAN, and I WILL create a new beginning.

Lastly, we must raise our own consciousness by accepting that we are the cause AND the solution to all of our problems.  This means recognizing that personal responsibility is your ONLY power source.  If you play the victim or lay blame on outside forces, you have already given up your power.


To engage means to attract or to become involved in.  We tend to engage and think about what we DON’T want in our lives, which means attracting more of what we don’t want.

What do you want in your life? If you are overweight and/or battling illness, stop thinking about the weight and the illness.  Instead pour yourself into everything healthy.  Healthy food, healthy thoughts, healthy emotions, healthy behaviors, healthy people.

Dive into all that is vibrant and energetic.  Stop focusing on what you can’t or shouldn’t have to attain weight loss.  Instead focus on foods that are colorful, crunchy, fragrant, and alive.  Foods that delight your senses, and strengthen and respect your body.

Focus on thoughts that give you hope, inspiration and power.

Engage in the life you want for yourself.  Stop reacting, stop following strict and complicated rules that have failed us all.  Make intentional choices and become involved in the life you want.


Similar to engage.  Add the good stuff.  When we diet, we think more about what we can’t have, than what we CAN have.  ADD water, ADD veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds.  ADD smoothies and juices. ADD movement, nature, lemon water, sunshine.  ADD gratitude, love, and courage.  ADD relationships that lift you up.

Socrates said “The secret of change is not fighting the old, but building the new.”  Build your new life!


I used to diet because I did not like my body.  Healthy eating is an entirely different mentality.  Healthy eating is about loving your body, and having self respect. I choose foods that nourish me. Foods that give me energy. Foods that respect my life, your life, and all other life on this beautiful planet.

There was a time when I used willpower to resist junk food.  My thoughts were “I cannot have that because it will make me fat.”  I now look at that same food and think “that food is not worthy of me.”

How you treat yourself is how you invite the world to treat you.  I can honestly say, when you find yourself sacred, and deserving of nothing but the best, so will everyone else.


Health is vitality. Health is energy. Health is connection. Health is spiritual.  Health is liberating and empowering.  Health is intentional.

Health is about learning, growing, and taking responsibility for your life.

This is what I do.  I tell you the truth because truthful, factual information empowers.  I don’t tolerate excuses because excuses steal your power.

I don’t let you take the easy way out, because everything that is worth anything in life requires you to step up.

I encourage your intellectual, emotional, spiritual and personal growth.  I expect more from you. I am pals with that voice in your head who wants and expects more from you too.  She wants us to break her free from the prison of excuses that keep her chained.

I invite you to recognize and release your true self.  I invite you down a path of discovery. Learn the real deal about food and health in America.  Learn about how the Standard American Diet is literally robbing us of life.  Learn more about your choices, your habits, your attitude, and how simple mind shifts can transform everything.

You have 3 choices in my programs.  The Mind/Body Reset Academy is a do-it-yourself learning/coaching program that is easily accessible wherever you have internet access.  The time requirement is no more than 2 hours a week for 5 weeks.  The beauty of an online program like this is that you can listen to the lessons in your car, at your home, or while sitting at your children’s practices.  This program can be done by anyone, anywhere.  As soon as you click the button, you will have access to the first module and the bonus module, and your new journey will begin right away!

The second choice is for those of you who desire a tad more attention and coaching.  The VIP program includes the Mind/Body Reset Academy PLUS 3 hours of coaching.  If you are local, we can do the coaching in person.  If you are far away, we will do the coaching over the phone.

The last option is only for locals and only offered at certain times throughout the year.  This is a priceless experience.  It is called the Healthy Life Club.  Envision a book club that meets to discuss the content of the Mind/Body Reset Academy.  It includes all the features of the online program, plus 4 live group coaching sessions which will provide support, and accountability, while fully engaging you in a new conversation about food and health.  We will try smoothies, juices, my famous coffee, muesli and cashew milk, as well as take a field trip to Central Market. (October sessions starts soon- only 5 spots left, sign up NOW)

I highly recommend you read my latest blogs, and go to my Committoheal Facebook page, to get to know me better.  You will see that I am different.  You will see that I challenge your thinking and tell you things you don’t know.  I work on changing your mind, because I have studied human behavior and know that a changed mind, always results in changed lives.  I foster the best in you, because I see it, and you deserve it.

I hope you join me in this movement to create a healthier, happier world.  Feel free to contact me with questions.