If you never question the status quo, you will never experience anything but the status quo.  Curiosity will change your life.

Most people spend a life time struggling with food, weight loss and health. They follow all “the rules,” they try countless diets. They use meal replacements and/or supplements, yet within 12-24 months, they find themselves right back where they started.

Then they give up for awhile, many (like myself) go hog wild after a long period of restrictions and calorie counting because it feels good to live again.

Let’s all be honest. Diets suck. And they don’t work. Weight loss is a 61 BILLION dollar industry that leaves us feeling like failures, and keeps us coming back for more, “on another Monday,” or when “we are ready” to exercise extreme willpower again.

Have you ever been curious about why 70% of Americans are overweight or obese? Have you ever been curious about why 1 in 2 American men, and 1 in 3 American women will get cancer in their life time? Do you really think we are all a bunch of gluttons with bad genes?

The truth is that it is far easier to be unhealthy in America, than it is to be healthy. The truth is that our culture breeds diets, drugs, disease, and death by lifestyle.

The truth is that we think we know a lot about food and health but we don’t.

The truth is that we will never solve our weight loss and health problems with the same way of thinking that created these issues in the first place.

I spent 22 years dieting. It took me 22 years of choosing the same path over and over again for me to stop and realize that path would always lead to the same place. Seems ridiculously stupid doesn’t it? But all we need is a new diet or fad, and a feeling of doubt, confusion and failure to keep us coming back for one more try.

I have news for everyone, you will only escape this pattern by choosing a different path. And given America’s grave health statistics, you can be assured that if everyone else is doing it, that is a sign to run the other way.

My life changed when I challenged what I knew about food and health. When I deliberately made a choice to step outside the box in my mind. I made the decision to stop dieting, and start learning. I made a decision to change my mind about food and health by rejecting our cultural rules around both.

What I learned about food and health in America infuriated me, empowered me, and liberated me all at once. As a result, I broke free from the repeated thoughts and dieting patterns that kept me stuck for 22 years.

You know something? Being stuck, means that your growth has stopped. If you keep repeating the same dieting patterns, then your knowledge about food and health has not changed since the first diet you ever went on. How long ago was that? How many years have you wasted?

How many years have you held tightly to old weight loss beliefs and strategies, despite their failure?

Your dieting cycle is a habit, a pattern you keep choosing because it is all you know or understand. If is safe. You know what you need to do, you know how you will feel, you know how long you have to bear it. You know it only requires you to step up temporarily…

I offer permanence. I offer a disruption to these patterns. I offer a remedy to your curiosity.  I offer a different path.  One based on new information, and a new experience. Because education and experiences always change us.

The not so ironic truth is that change begins in our choices. Which means, as soon as you make a different choice, you have broken your pattern. And this is always the hardest step for everyone because we don’t know what to expect, and we don’t know how we will feel, and we know it means stepping up for ourselves permanently.

If you are curious to learn more, check out my online, do-it-yourself learning/coaching program called the Mind/Body Reset Academy.