“Cindy, I know it is best to eat and cook at home, but we are so busy.  If you HAD to pick the healthiest fast food place, which would you pick?  Chick fila??

“Hell NO,” is my response.  “And I don’t care if they are closed on Sundays, that does not give them food integrity! They still pollute your body, and the earth with their crappy food like products.  If you want to eat there every once in a while that is fine, but take responsibility for the fact that the food does not respect or serve the human body.”

I will not support ANY fast food joint, even if you find yourself quarantined to your car.  If they have a drive up window, and sit on multiple street corners. If the food is designed to be eaten on your lap and with your hands then it is not a good choice.  Even if it’s all white meat chicken and corporately owned by a Christian.  End of story.

That being said, I do enjoy eating out, and thankfully we have a wide variety of delectable choices in our area.  My client’s always ask for a list of my favorite places to eat, so rather than continue to be a broken record, I am writing this blog.

So which eatery’s have my seal of healthy approval in the Southlake area?  I will get to that in a moment.

For those of you that don’t know me, I am a Healthy Life Coach, and I look at food in a very different way than most.

Food and me, we have a sacred, sexy, and synergistic relationship. Healthy food has helped me experience the world, and my life differently.  It gives me purpose, pleasure, and a sense of pride knowing that I eat with respect and integrity.  

I adore food and eating, and I never count one single calorie. There is no need to count calories if you avoid food created for the sole purpose of numbing your senses and robbing you of life.  Sorry but statistics show that is exactly what the Standard American Diet does.

I love to eat fresh, alive, colorful, crunchy whole foods that make my taste buds sing and dance. The majority of the time, I focus on only the best possible ingredients. I am all about the plants!

I choose food that is worthy of me, and my body. Nothing fake, cheap or easy enters my temple.  We should all be treating our bodies with the reverence we deserve. To be completely honest, I prefer to spend my money on high quality food, over adorning myself with designer clothes, accessories and manicures.

My kids say that I am a bit of a hippie…

Truth is, I believe we would all be better off focusing more internally than externally.  Which is why I say feed the soul, not the ego.  The more we connect to our souls, the less material things we need. 

Anyway.. I digress.

I am not eating under a rock. I am not eating sticks, dirt, and twigs. I am eating where everyone else eats! We are lucky to have access to so many great options in this city. Here are some of my favorite places and dishes:

Southlake Area Healthy Eats

Modern Market – Superfood Salad and Eggplant Goat Cheese Panini.
Tru Fire – Spinach Quinoa Salad with salmon, and the Avocado Salad (I like to eat as appetizer with friends)
Brio – Salmon Salad, and the Chop Salad are my favs!
Chipotle – I usually do a veggie bowl.
Mi Dia – Mexican cobb salad with their chipotle vinaigrette dressing.

Those are my go-to places. But Snappy Salads and Zoe’s Kitchen have good options too.  If you want something wholesome yet fast and easy, go for a fresh juice or smoothie from Nektar or the Juice Bar.  Central Market has great cold quinoa dishes in their prepared food sections that you can take on the go. Oh, and I LOVE Central Market’s veggie burger in their cafe.

I am sure there are many more places that I am not mentioning.  Please share your favorites in the comments!

BTW, I went into the new Harvest Bread Company the other day.  Very cute place and I  saw a veggie sandwich on their menu.  I love me some fresh bread, topped with hummus, avocado and loads of veggies!  I did not stay long because their fresh baked goods beckoned me with sexy whispers, and if I can find a carrot, raisin, walnut or cinnamon in something I can justify eating it for nutritional value!

For the record, my guilty pleasures are Trulucks Carrot Cake and Mi Dia margaritas!  I did mention the carrot, raisin, walnut and cinnamon thing, right?  And fresh lime juice is alkaline to the body and filled with vitamin C.  Oh, yeah, and tequila comes from a plant.  So it aligns with my food philosophy!

If you would like to love food as much as I do while losing weight, gaining health and living a life of purpose, I am here to help you do just that!  Call me and we can meet for a fresh juice to discuss!