Right now, terrorism fears are running hot and high. We have SO much fear of what we think we know about the world, and others.   We are horrified by the thought of imminent death, yet we show no alarm for that which is responsible for the majority of American deaths. 

I am not sure why the terrorists bother with us, considering that we are already poisoning ourselves and our children, slowly, and most definitely surely.

You think I am exaggerating, don’t you? I promise you that I am not.

Food and lifestyle kill more of us than terrorism, war, drugs, guns, and car accidents combined.

50% of American adults have diabetes or pre-diabetes. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure, amputations, heart failure and stroke. Fun stuff, huh?

Right now, 1 in 3 American women, and 1 in 2 American men will develop cancer in their lifetime.  

You think living a healthy lifestyle is too difficult? Just wait until you have to live with a chronic disease.

You think healthy food is expensive? Price chemo, diabetes meds, and hospital visits.

Our kids future is predicted to be far worse.  And what will most likely take our kids lives, is the food we feed them today.  The lifestyle habits we are instilling in them right NOW.  This is not about genetics, this is about what we are eating and how we are living.

The issue is a cultural one, our inability to lose weight and gain health, has little to do with our willpower, and everything to do with industry power.  Let’s just say, a healthy America would put the food industry, the healthcare industry, and the pharmaceutical industry in a far less influential and profitable position.

But on top of an economic culture where profits proceed health, is a culture of people who prefer convenience, immediate gratification, and deflecting personal responsibility.  

It is not surprising that we fret so much about terrorism no doubt an immediate and frightening threat, but nonetheless, a threat that we have little control over.   In the grand scheme of life, very few people are dying of terrorism.  

Yet, we completely ignore what not only kills the majority of us, but that which we have power to prevent.  This is because chronic disease develops over time.  To resist chronic disease means rejecting convenience and immediate gratification in favor of long-term growth, vitality and personal responsibility.

But there are a growing number of people who are finally realizing that serving our higher self, means resisting what’s easy and what is immediate if it does not serve us long term.

This small group of people are setting the stage for change, not only in their own lives, but in the world.  Because let’s be honest, seeking true health of body and mind, through learning, is not how things are done in America.  

Are you going to join this elite group?

I changed my body, my mind, and my life and MOST importantly, my kids future, by doing something virtually unheard of in the weight loss world.  

I broke every weight loss rule, the calorie counting, the scale, the points, the shakes, the pills, and instead focused on HEALTH.  I learned about food and health instead of listening to the same old, same old, that has failed this country miserably for years.  I focused on not only creating a healthy body, but on creating a healthy mind.

I decided to take responsibility for my life, and my health once and for all.

Why is it that so many people don’t take action to create change in their lives?  Why do we find discomfort in creating the change we want for ourselves, but find comfort in living with the life we don’t want?  

It makes NO sense whatsoever!  We will only regret those things we DIDN’T do in life, and right now, most people are not doing a freaking thing.   

Or when we do decide to do something, we seek out temporary diets, fads, gimmicks and quick fixes.  We buy empty promises that feature washboard abs and bikini bodies.  We believe what we want to believe, even when the lies are as clear as a swamp. (Lose 20 lbs in 20 days!  Lose weight while eating your favorite foods, and not exercising at all!)  These ridiculous solutions only further emphasize and define exactly what has gone wrong in our lives, and our culture. 

Which is why I created my intelligent, mind-altering, and life changing course, based on food and health knowledge that gives you the real deal behind food and health in America.  It also includes mindset tools that help you create pleasurable and powerful change.  It is everything someone needs to create a healthy body, and life that they love.  

The Mind/Body Reset Academy is different.  It is the authentic, simple and revolutionary.

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