If you are anything like me, you care a lot about your health, and the health of your children.  You probably pay attention to what the doctors say, and you take heed of conventional nutrition advice.

But what if everything we thought we knew about food and health, was, well, wrong?

There has been a lot of brainwashing going on in America, for decades.  I fell for the lies, chances are, you have fallen for them too.

Brainwashing is a form of programming.  When we have been told and sold the same story over and over again, until is it literally hard wired into our brain.  It becomes gospel.

“If you think like everyone else, then you are not thinking.”

I beg you to stop and look around, as I finally did nearly 8 years ago.  We are heavier and sicker than we have ever been before.  Our children fair no better.

The CDC states that 70% of us are overweight or obese.  And 1 in 2 of us have one or more chronic disease.

The CDC also states that the amount of children with chronic health conditions has nearly quadrupled in the past 30 years.  One in three are predicted to develop diabetes, and this generation of children is the first, ever, predicted to live a shorter life span than their parents.

This is terrifying.  And it is a result of misleading nutrition and health advice.

Here are 10 beliefs or behaviors that will determine if you have been a victim of food industry brainwashing:

  1.  Milk, it does a body good.
  2. Artificial sweeteners are better than sugar
  3. Canola oil is a healthy oil.
  4. Focus on calorie quantity as a way to lose weight
  5. Lean meat is the healthy choice
  6. Meat is the central focus of most meals
  7. Fat is the enemy.
  8. Your diet and your kids diet consists mostly of processed foods and animal products (meat, cheese, yogurt, pretzels, goldfish etc)
  9. You believe that packaged 100% juice is healthy
  10. You believe that the following health claims on labels means the foods are good choices: 100 calorie snack packs, no sugar, high fiber or high protein claims on processed foods, anything that says “skinny, light, lite, low cal, or low carb.”

In an effort to keep this blog short and sweet, I will not refute those 10 claims right now.  There is too much to say, but trust me, these are myths.

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