Something to think about today. As our nations health continues to suffer, we respond in two ways.

The food companies ALTER the food we eat (less fat, more fiber, skim milk, 93% lean, gluten free etc). And the pharmaceutical companies patent more drugs. Neither of these solutions are working because it’s the processed foods, animal products and pharmaceutical drugs that are wreaking havoc on us.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in America. Cancer is a very close second to that. Pharmaceutical drugs come in third.

The solution is to CHANGE our diets, not alter the food that’s causing our ill health. May I remind you that the Tobacco Industry altered cigarettes to give the impression of a healthier product. Low tar and light cigarettes were never healthy options, and they still caused cancer.

We humans are funny creatures. We are highly intelligent yet easily manipulated. This is because we believe what we want to believe.

We believe that which affirms our thoughts and behaviors because it’s hard to change. It’s easier to keep eating the same food and believing the new health claim makes it better. And it’s simple to pop a pill for our every ill.

Change is the only constant in our lives. Over the years our bodies change, our health changes and our relationships change. We let change happen to us, instead of creating the change we want. Because creating begins in our minds. Creating requires an expansion of our minds. And it’s the changing of our minds that we fear most. This is why Einstein said the highest form of human intelligence is the ability to change one’s own mind.

It’s time to change our minds about a lot of things. But let’s start with the very foundation of our lives- how we feed ourselves, and our children. Somewhere along the line we were made to believe that food doesn’t matter, it’s an afterthought at the bottom of our priority list. Somehow we believe that sports, grades, nice cars and big houses are what matters. Those priorities define values of materialism, and focusing on them leave us emotionally, physically and spiritually bankrupt.

When we prioritize our health, our bodies, our ‘temples,’ we are taking care of our greatest gifts of life. When we create change on that level we will change everything. Because food either creates more life in us, or it slowly takes it away.

Choose food for life.