For the purpose of full disclosure, I did not come up with that headline.  I saw it on a t-shirt years ago, and thought it was brilliant.

If you have not heard of GMO’s then it is time to get out from under your boulder.

Genetically Modified Organisms are one of many controversial food topics of today. It is important to note that GMO crops have been banned in 38 countries.  Also important to know that 64 countries require proper labeling of GMO foods.  

But in the good ole USA we would not dream of banning such huge profit makers, heck, we refuse to even properly label them.  But don’t worry, no one is trying to poison you or give you cancer, they are just trying to create jobs, support our economy, and make lots of money (it is amazing how we can shift a perspective to justify actions).

GMO crops and their chemical partners play a huge role in our agricultural sector of our economy and their corporate interests have a direct line to pretty much everyone in our government.

At any given time, I can google “GMO” and hoards of articles for or against the tiny patented profit makers will flood my computer screen.

The thing about this controversy is that it shouldn’t be one.  Once you break free from corporate brainwashing and decide to use your brain, the picture is as clear as crystal.

Farming and saving seeds

If I go onto the website of 100 year old agrochemical giant Monsanto, the biggest name in genetically modified seeds, I see young men in plaid shirts, driving pick up trucks around their farmlands.  These simple farmers seem thrilled to buy seeds and toxic pesticides/herbicides from a 41 billion dollar company year after year.

Since seed saving was a farming practice of the past, I can see why they would jump for joy over the opportunity to pay for something they always got for free.

The importance of plants, that yield seeds, to be saved for future crops, comes from the word of God himself.  

Genesis 1:29 “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you.”  

Hmmm, let’s see on one hand I have plant yielding seeds from God.  On the other hand I have patented non seed yielding plants from a chemical company. Which should we use and consume?

Killing or Saving Bees?

Back to Monsanto’s beautiful, natural and seemingly philanthropic website.  You will see that they have a very important section about honey bees.  Which for anyone that eats real food, and I do realize this is not everyone, bees should be something you are concerned about.

Bees are dying off, fast, and have been since about 2006.  And bees pollinate (along with Monarch butterflies which are now on the endangered species list) much of our healthy food supply . But have no fear neither bees or Monarch Butterflies are needed to pollinate GMO plants, which along with their chemical brethren is Monsanto’s bread and butter!  

Pause and reflect on that last paragraph.  If you don’t get it, keep reading, you will.

Are bees and GMO’s competitors?

If you were to pick GMO’s largest food competitor in the marketplace, you would have to say bees.  One creates the majority of our highly processed food products, and is the feed for livestock in feed lots. The other pollinates real whole foods that are best for our health, and the health of the planet.  Things like strawberries, beets, coffee, watermelon, lemons, carrots, avocados, sunflowers, beans, almonds, peaches and mangos, just to name a few.

I just listed all that I ate today.

Incidentally, 7 species of bees were just put on the endangered species list this past month.   And millions of bees were nuked in the Zika mosquito spraying over the past couple of months.

But wait for it…..You cannot make this shit up.


In 2011 Monsanto acquired Beelogic.  Beelogic was the research company investigating the bee Colony Collapse Disorder which began in 2006-7.  Incidentally, Monsanto’s chemicals were/are a prime suspect in the murder of these poor worker bees that never return to their hive, and whose bodies are never found.  

Yes, Monsanto buying Beelogic and “protecting” the bees is like leaving great white sharks in charge of swimming toddlers.

Or maybe I am wrong and they care deeply about the bees that provide food competition for them, and threaten to take their million dollar chemicals off the market….

If you are one of those corporate academic types and want to be in denial of what is going on, you can find countless scientific articles written by people on Monsanto’s payroll saying dousing the earth with pesticides does not kill the bees.  And maybe that statement would be scientifically correct.  Maybe what is not being told is that they neurologically impair the bee just enough to make it impossible for the bees to get back to their hives.

The same scientific articles will say that Monsanto’s chemicals are not killing Monarch Butterflies either.  But if you did deeper you may find that the herbicides are destroying milkweed crops which are the Monarch’s food and habitat.

You see how science can be skewed when people stop at hearing what they want to hear instead of digging deeper?

Not to mention that you would have to be a complete moron to believe that pesticides and herbicides only kill EXACTLY what we want them to kill.  You may as well say antibiotics only kill the bad bacteria. Chemotherapy only kills the cancer cells.  Or better yet, you can say drone strikes only kill the bad guys.

Toxic chemicals don’t discriminate.

I think I have made a case thus far for throwing away “science” and using common sense.  So let’s do that shall we?

Here are 4 common sense reasons why we should not be eating foods produced with GMO seeds.

  1. Monsanto is a f#cking CHEMICAL company that is controlling our food supply.   Really people, need I say more?
  2. GMO’s are created in and of themselves, to withstand massive amounts of chemicals. We are talking about crop duster planes, men in hazmat suits, and our food…..
  3. Monsanto, the evil ruler of GMO seeds, is a company with a long history of creating products that harm human health, and the health of the environment.  Those products include, but are not limited to Saccharin, Dioxins, PCB’s, Agent Orange, Aspartame, rBGH, glyphosate, and the topic of this blog GMO’s.  May I make a point?  Has any cancer causing, environment destroying controversy ever come out on the side of the chemical or product?  A controversy usually creates enough doubt to allow more money to be made until the public becomes informed.  This is why we have not properly labeled GMO’s, labeling will beg the question “what are GMO’s?”
  4. Monsanto is not required to be accountable for whatever havoc their wreak.  It can bring a product to market, make millions, destroy our health, and pollute our environment and then merely walk away and go back to create another.  This is what they are good at, making chemicals that harm all life on this planet.  This is who they are, based on their history. And current products are just like the old ones, controversial.  Why would we trust them with the food we feed our children? Are we that busy?  Are we that stupid? Meanwhile, they make billions and we are left with the toxicity in our cells, in our blood, in our rivers, streams, oceans and soils, and the bill to clean it all up.

Do you think when Monsanto brings something new to market they say “Hey these products cause cancer, birth defects and destroy our ecosystems.  Let’s spread them like magic fairy dust!”  Of course not!  I am sure they were touted as something we needed, and I am sure there were many ‘scientific’ studies that proved them generally safe.  Do you think they are afraid of destroying our health, the environment, the bees or the monarch butterflies?  

Why would they be?

I hope my words shed some light and make you think twice about GMO’s.  Remember, it is good to be curious.  It is smart to question, and if you think like everyone else, you are not thinking at all.

I highly recommend that you do your homework about organic, conventional and GMO foods.  There is a lot to learn about food and health in America.  If you need any help, please check out my online learning/coaching program called the Mind/Body Reset Academy.  I am on a mission to create informed, inspired and empowered people.  My vision is a much healthier America.

Please know that I write these blogs because I care deeply about all life on this beautiful planet.

Your health, my health, our children’s health, and the health of our environment rides on us making informed decisions.  With statistics showing that 1 in 3 of us is predicted to develop cancer, and 1 in 2 of our kids have a chronic health condition, it is time to break free of cultural norms, and assume the role of the informed and empowered consumer.

Our lives literally depend on it.