In western civilizations acne afflicts between 79%-95% of adolescents.  Like cancer, obesity, diabetes and Alzheimers, acne is considered a “western” disease, indicating that these diseases are related to lifestyle factors within the western culture.

I will begin by saying that I am not a doctor, nor have I ever played one on tv.  You can find the studies that I summarize here by clicking on the link I provide below, which is from a doctors site.

Acne is not something anyone wants to suffer from.  It can be painful and embarrassing, and it can rob someone of their confidence.  Most consider acne genetic or completely random, hardly anyone stops to wonder what causes it, or why it afflicts so many of our children.

But is bad acne actually an early warning sign?

When our children have acne we do whatever we can to help them.  We go to the dermatologist who may prescribe rounds of antibiotics.  We purchase fancy skin cleansers endorsed by Hollywood actors or we buy expensive creams from popular skin care lines.

As a last resort we may put our children on Accutane, a retinoid with all sorts of serious side effects, that was originally marketed as a chemotherapy drug.

We do whatever it takes to help our children, right?

What if your child’s acne is actually a sign of something far more sinister?  What if what you see is indicative of what is going on inside their bodies.  What if the red spots and pus are meant to be a warning that their diet is putting them at risk for disease?

Here are some bullet points from a compilation of new studies indicating that acne may be a precursor for our most unwanted and feared diseases. Make sure you click on this link to watch the 4 minute video with all the details and research.

This is my own layman’s summary of the video, as it is short, but somewhat technical.

  • TOR is an enzyme that promotes cell growth and proliferation.  It is known as an ‘engine of aging’ and it suppresses the bodies natural ability to deal with dysfunctional cells.  It’s stimulation is associated with acne, early puberty, obesity, cancer (especially breast and prostate), type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimers.
  • Leucine is one of the 9 amino acids that powers growth.
  • IGF-1 – Insulin Growth Factor – is a naturally occurring growth hormone in mammals.
  • Human breast milk and cow’s milk contain Luceine and IGF-1.  Both are a natural part of the infant and calf growth process.   Both grow quickly in the first year or two of life.  But the IGF-1 in cows milk supports a calf that grows 40 times faster than a human infant.  Cow’s milk also contains 3x more Luceine than human milk.
  • Milk seems to raise the activity of the enzyme TOR, which is normal in the first stage of life.  What is not normal, is that humans are supposed to be weaned from milk after infancy, like all other mammals, and they certainly are not meant to drink another mammals milk for extended periods of time.

So what does this all mean?  It means that thousands of recent studies indicate that TOR is stimulated by animal proteins, especially dairy products with their excessive Luceine and their natural IGF-1 hormone.  It means an increase in TOR activity is seen in those with acne, obesity, early puberty, Type 2 diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimers.

The miracle of the human body, and nature itself is that where there is an activation, there is also a deactivation.  So while animal proteins seem to activate the TOR enzyme which is associated with so many diseases, guess what foods can deactivate the TOR enzyme?

Plant foods (especially cruciferous vegetables) are known to contain TOR inhibitors.

That all being said, are we putting yet another band-aid on a serious warning sign?  Are we throwing more drugs on a symptom that masks the root cause?

I am fairly certain that your child is not deficient in antibiotics, Accutane, or Proactive.

But ask yourself this, could your child be overloaded with animal proteins that stimulate the enzyme TOR? And could your child be severely lacking in the plant based foods that inhibit TOR activity? Does this sound plausible?

I am not writing this blog to worry you.  I am not writing this blog to blame anyone.

I am writing this blog because this country is riddled with disease and no one is asking why.

I am writing this blog because 1 in 3 of us is predicted to develop cancer.

I am writing this blog because 1 in 3 of our children is predicted to develop diabetes.

I am writing this blog, because it could save someone’s life.

Moms- it is time to change the conversation about food and health in America.  It is time that we step up and do something different.  It is time to ask WHY.  

It is time to do better.  If mom’s don’t care about the health and well-being of our children, then who will?

It is up to us.  We can create a healthier world, together.

But we must become informed.  And we need to rebel against a culture that seeks convenience, quick fixes, and never asks why.

In America, the number of children with chronic health issues has quadrupled in the past 30 years. One in every two American children has a chronic health condition.

ONE IN EVERY TWO!!!  What the fuck are we waiting for?

This is my why.  I don’t sell diets, meal plans, shakes, or any of that temporary crap that is part of the problem.  I ask you to invest in a healthy mind, body, and life.  I ask you to be the change you want see in this world.

I ask you to stand up and say, I will not allow myself or my children to be part of these statistics.  I ask you to seek learning and growth and take personal responsibility.  I ask you to prioritize health, even though no one else is doing it.

I educate.  I inform.  I inspire.  I empower.  I ask you to step up for something far more meaningful than a number on a scale, washboard abs, or a little black dress.

I may scare you, you may feel all sorts of resistance while reading this blog.  What frightens people the most is looking in the mirror and challenging their own patterns and way of thinking.  That is why everyone chooses diets, because they don’t expect anything permanent from you.

I created an online program called the Mind/Body Reset Academy.  Because I know that we need to reset our minds with the truth, and we must reset our bodies to their natural state of health.

This program is simple and enlightening because it is the truth about food and health in America.  It literally will make you say “aha, now I know why I’ve been confused for so long. Now I know why we just keep getting fatter and sicker as a nation.”

This program is based on the foundation of education, intrinsic motivation, and personal growth.  It literally will change the way you think about food and health in America, and it will help you understand yourself better.  And it is a absolute scientific fact that the only way to permanently change your life, and your behaviors is by changing your mind first.

Here are the details of this program that anyone can do in the comfort of their own home, car, or wherever you get internet access.

If you are local to Southlake, TX, I invite you to join my Healthy Life Club.  This is only offered a few times a year (sign up NOW for October).

Envision a book club or a Bible Study that meets to discuss the content of the Mind/Body Reset Academy.  It includes all the features of the online program, plus 4 live group coaching sessions which will provide support, and accountability, while fully engaging you in a new conversation about food and health.  We will try smoothies, juices, my famous coffee, muesli and cashew milk, as well as take a field trip to Central Market.

I highly recommend you read my latest blogs, and go to my Committoheal Facebook page, to get to know me better.  You will see that I am different.  You will see that I challenge your thinking and tell you things you don’t know.

The path I offer is the road less traveled, because I understand that being healthy in America is a revolutionary act.  You will never find it by following the crowd, and doing the same old, same old.  I ask you to stop conforming.  I ask you to dare to be different, because when you are different, you WILL make a difference.

I hope you join me in this movement to create a healthier, happier world.