The Healthy Life Club

"Never doubt that a small group of informed, inspired, and powerful women can transform lives and change the world. Indeed, they are the only one's that will."

The Healthy Life Club is for people who want to make health and personal development a priority.

It is for people who find themselves prioritizing things that steal their energy, their joy, their inspiration, their power, and their well-being.

The HLC brings people together who want to step up, and create change by feeling informed, inspired and empowered.

HLC at it's core is about letting go of things that rob you of life, and making room for the things that really matter.

It is about simplifying.

It is about living aligned with our values, in a world that seems to prioritize "stuff" and "results" instead of health and happiness.

It is about doing the things that many, if not most, live a life time putting off "until Monday, or until they are ready, or until they have time."

It is about living a life that will not cater to our excuses and regrets anymore.

Ultimately, the Healthy Life Club is about learning how to live...intentionally, mindfully, respectfully, deliciously, and fearlessly.


    • to heal thy life (for a healthy life)
    • to ditch the diet mentality forever?
    • to revolt against this insane way of living, and say NO MORE!
    • to feel informed, inspired and empowered to create the best version of you?
    • to surround yourself with women who support you, without judgement, and have conversations about things that matter?

There are 3 reasons why 95% of diets fail.



  • We have the wrong strategy. Temporary, counting calories, exercising excessively..we have been duped and misled. We CREATE health and vitality within the body, and our lives.  There is no counting, starving, or disconnecting involved.


  • We have the wrong belief system. OMG, this is killer. We believe things about ourselves that are wrong and we believe things about healthy living that are even worse. These beliefs limit our ability to become all we are meant to be.


    • We have the wrong mindset. We think the worst, we worry about what we have to give up.  We rarely think about all that we gain from doing the hard work and creating a healthy life.  The journey is what transforms us.      

      I'm Cindy.  I give women the information, inspiration, and POWER that they need to finally create a healthy body, and life that they love.   You are the perfect revolutionary if you hate dieting, have a love affair with food, and want to live your life to the fullest.  I promise that you are not a slave to your cravings, your metabolism is not a snail in disguise, and you CAN change your health and body while staying connected and nourished.  In fact, that is the ONLY way to do it.

      Old ways will never open new doors.

      Are you going to fall for another fad diet or count calories just to feel starved, deprived, disconnected and depressed?

      Are you going to continue to watch your waist line grow, and your medicine cabinet fill, while feeling powerless over your life?

      Are you going to stay in the same place.  Trapped.  Bored.  Unsure.  Watching time go by, as you keep planning to "start Monday," and hoping some magic pill will come around and change your life?

      I know you feel confused.  I know it's overwhelming.  I've been there.  I've done that.  

      I knew I could look and feel so much better.  But I was disillusioned and manipulated just like you.

      I am going to tell you something right now.  YOU ARE NOT WEAK OR A FAILURE.  The strategies you have chosen are designed to fail you, and keep you coming back for more.  ​

      Have you ever wondered why?

      It is SO flipping easy to be overweight and unhealthy in America.


      70% of Americans are overweight or obese.

      Chronic Disease

      50% of Americans have one or more chronic disease.


      1 in 2 men, and 1 in 3 women are predicted to develop cancer in their lifetime.


      75% of healthcare costs go to treating individuals with preventable chronic disease.


      ​In the last 10 years the number of people with diabetes has more than doubled. By 2050 1 in 3 of us will suffer from this deadly illness.


      FACT #1: You will never solve your weight and health problems with the same mind that created those problems. 

      A new door-Welcome to the Healthy Life Club

      We do a module of the online learning/coaching program called the Mind/Body Reset Academy each week, and we meet in my living room to discuss it. It is like a book club about food, health, and personal growth.

      We sit in a circle with our journals, sipping clear cool lemon (or orange water, or strawberry/basil water)water from a mason jar. We try new foods, and engage in meaningful conversation about how to break free from this fast food and stressed out culture that is robbing us of life.

      We are a group of women brought together, not by children, or work, or a neighborhood. We are women brought together by a common goal. We are women who want to connect, learn, grow and increase our health and well-being. We are women who want to raise healthy, happy children.

      We are women who want to be informed, inspired and powerful.

      There is a fundamental difference between going on a diet, and engaging in my healthy life program.

      One is a temporary change in behaviors.  The other is a permanent change in the mind.  

      One is the same old dieting rules, the other is learning the real deal about food and health.  

      One is about your weight, the other is about the health of your mind, body, family and life.  

      One is based in rules and strategies that have failed us for decades, the other is based on truths and knowledge that the majority of American's are not aware of.  

      FACT #2: Diets are common in America.  Health is NOT. 

      My unique "C.L.E.A.N." approach to health and life

      • Commit 
        First you commit to making change instead of a temporary solution, like dieting.  You then ask yourself  "who do I want to be?"  We need to shift our focus from what we don't want (to be fat or sick) and focus on what we do want (to be healthy, vibrant, happy, confident, smart, empowered etc).
      • Learn
        Next you learn about food and health in America.  You learn why everyone is sick, overweight and confused about health.  You learn what foods create optimal health within us.  You also learn more about yourself, who you are, and how your choices define you. Most importantly, you are not a victim, and you are not your past.  You have the power to change at any moment in time, and I help you uncover and claim that power simply and pleasurably.
      • Engage
        We engage in healthy thoughts, healthy foods and healthy behaviors.  When we engage in something we attract it, so this is all about attracting health and vitality into our lives.
      • Add
        Instead of focusing on the unhealthy foods or behaviors you want to avoid, we ADD new healthy foods and behaviors.  This "crowds out" the bad stuff.
      • Nourish
        Health starts with respecting our amazing bodies for all they do and all that they are capable of. We nourish them with foods that do them good, not harm.  When I am finished with you, you will not look at food in terms of what you should or shouldn't have, you will look at food in terms of which food is worthy of you!

      FACT #3: When it comes to health what you think and feel is just as important as what you eat.

      The Healthy Life Club revolves around my online DIY program:

      The Mind/Body Reset Academy   

      I have spent 8 years studying and researching food and health.  I applied what I learned to my life and my clients' lives.  I have succeeded at changing those lives.  I know my sh*t.    

      I am all about health, and I deeply respect the human body.  This means I respect life.  Mine.  Yours.  And all other life on this magnificent planet.



      mindset.  Your mindset dictates your life.

      food and health IQ, thus destroying your confusion. 

      basic healthy behaviors that you ignore right now.


      Healthy Life Club

      • Immediate access to all features of online DIY program listed  here below.
      • Five 75-90 minute group coaching sessions at my home.  We meet weekly to discuss the modules (see below) of the online program.  The program content is accessible to you on your phone, ipad, or computer, and you do in your own time.  Each module takes less than 2 hours to complete.
      • Group and coaching support and accountability.  
      • Simple food demonstrations at each coaching session.
      • Field trip to Central Market and Costco to find out what to buy.
      • Random HLC Group activities like Pot Luck, 5K's, home parties, new restaurant exploration - whatever group chooses!

      The Mind/Body Reset Academy Features



      • Commit to Change
      • America's Disease
      • The Missing Nutrients

      MODULE 2 - LEARN

      • Secrets to Change/Fixed vs Growth Mindset
      • Food Politics
      • Eat, Drink, Sleep and Slow Down


      • The Power of Choice
      • Processed Foods - The Cost of Convenience
      • Food Energy

      MODULE 4 - ADD

      • You Are, Your Habits
      • Organic/Conventional/GMO
      • Stress and the Metabolism


      • The Science of the Mind (Change starts here)
      • Eating Animals
      • Exercise


      • Private Mind/Body Reset Academy Facebook page for my personal support and the support of others on the same journey.  You will never feel alone again.
      • Mindset Reset e-guide - 7 day guide to a more positive you.
      • 40 Snacks on-the-go PDF
      • 10 scrumdiliosious recipes!
      • Basic Vegetable Cooking Methods Guide
      • I allow every member to repeat the group in it's entirety at no cost, at any time.  This helps when life happens and sessions are missed, but it also a great refresher for people.  Change takes time and support and that is why I offer this bonus.
      • If desired, you may join  Sanara Yoga and Wellness  for $69/month, (regular $99/month).
      • Lifetime access to this liberating and intelligent course.  Any future updates and materials are all yours.

      FACT #4: You matter.  You are powerful.  Indeed every choice you make dictates your life, and influences the world.

      What they're saying

      I want you to know that I have received so much more from you and this group.  I've been stuck in a bad mindset for way too long about certain aspects of my life and you've made me realize I have the power to change my thought process.  This really isn't just about food.  Your message is so powerful.


      Southlake, TX

      This group is more than just about food it's about changing your self talk. It's about transforming your mind. It's about nurturing your soul. And lots of healthy nourishing food.

      Shannon, HLC2

      Southlake, TX

      Wonderful example of Mind/Body Reset making a difference...I don't believe in coincidence, I DO believe in the divine in each of us and those we encounter. Yesterday after leaving HLC at your house I went to Sunflower Shoppe on my quest for supplement for my copper deficiency. After looking at the copper supplement and the warning, I got to thinking...there has got to be another way, a better way. So I went home and started looking into how I could get it from food and not another pill. BINGO...guess what some of the top sources of copper are....CASHEWS (hmmm, Cindy just showed us how to make cashew milk); LENTILS and GARBANZO beans(Thank God, you had us try that hummus after class yesterday, I would have never just picked that up at store. I would have been fearful of the word spicy and lentil.) And yes, sunflower, pumpkin, and sesame seeds. Again I affirm that I AM IN CONTROL and I am ever so GRATEFUL for this program, class, knowledge and people that have been divinely placed in my life for such a time as this.

      Louisa, HLC1

      Southlake, TX

      The Healthy Life Club Investment

      Give me 6 weeks and I will give you a healthy, happy life.  THAT is PRICELESS.

       Just a few of the changes that you experience....

      • You will never go on another diet again.
      • You feel more informed, inspired and empowered than you ever have before.
      • You will have a group of like minded and local women to support you.
      • You will have ideas for new healthy delicious recipes to make for yourself and your family.
      • You will learn how to control your mind, body and life, and live intentionally.
      • You learn how to navigate the grocery store
      • You will never think about food and health the same way again.

      The Healthy Life Club experience includes the Mind/Body Reset Academy Program (retail $299) and the 5 live group coaching sessions for a special value of only $499!

      The Healthy Life Club

      Includes all features of the MBRA plus 5 scheduled/live group coaching sessions over 8 weeks.  Only available at specific times, of the year.  

      The Healthy Life Club is on fire!  We are a community now. People are loving this experience and asking for more! Here are some details. Maximum number of participants is 8 in each chapter.  This is a truly priceless experience. Group will do the weekly Modules of the MBRA on their own time, and we will use the live group coaching sessions to discuss content, challenges, and provide accountability and support. 

      Envision a book club that discusses food, health and total well-being (mindset, behavior change, habits, the power of choice) based around the content of the Mind/Body Reset program.  This includes ALL the features of the online program PLUS 5 live coaching sessions which will fully engage you in a new conversation about food and health.  We will sample things like green smoothies, granola, cashew milk, dark chocolate avocado mousse, and much more! After the 5 coaching sessions we coordinate a 6th get together, but this one is a FIELD TRIP to Central Market and/or Costco to conquer the grocery store with confidence instead of overwhelm.

      HLC15 - Thursdays 11-1, April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30.


      One small step for you, one giant leap for your life.

      Let's face it, the next 6 months will go by, just like it always does. Will you spend it just like you are now, and look back and wish you had started today?

      Or will you buy into the latest trend, fad, or gimmick that gives you the same results over, and over again?  I need to say this again.  You are not lacking, nor have you failed. You have been taking tests with all the wrong answers.  

      ​You have a choice.  You can stay part of system that has failed you and the rest of this country miserably, or you can wake up and smell the organic, free-trade coffee.

      I think eating like a tiny field mouse and obsessing over every calorie is boring.  Living like that makes us about as fun as sitting through a 14 hour plane ride, in the middle seat, between two people that smell like rotten eggs. 

      You owe it to yourself to LIVE your life to the fullest.  

      Never, ever, ever be afraid to create the change you want in your life.  That is the stuff dreams and movies are made of.   

      Be afraid of not creating the change you want.  Be afraid of being in this same place a year from now.  Be afraid of looking back on your life and regretting what you didn't do.

      Healthy Life Club Chapter 1 Pot Luck

      Annual ALL HLC Margarita party

      100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


      More love notes!

      What did I like best about HLC?  The articles, recipes and being introduced to a group of ladies with the same focus.  How has the experience changed you?  It has motivated me to make changes for myself, and to lead others in making similar changes.  What would you tell others who may be interested in HLC?  There is never a convenient time to make a lifestyle change.  You need to just make the decision, join the group and you will never look back!

      Colleen HLC1
      Southlake, TX

      This program was worth every cent and more!  It's crazy how we can think we know so much about healthy living but how there is so much more to it. Truly life changing ... thank you Cindy.  Just love you and all of the beautiful women who I have met through this journey.

      Tami HLC2
      Grapevine, TX

      If you want to be empowered, sign up for this class! This was a "God thing" for me. I was moved, empowered and am in the process of a huge transformation. It's so liberating when woman sit around and discuss things in life that matter - to us, to our family, community, and beyond. Please, consider at least talking to Cindy about this program. You'll love her, and it will change you!

      Traci HLC2
      Colleyville, TX

      Cindy Carbone
      Healthy Life Coach
      Creator of The CLEAN Eating Formula 
      Creator of the Mind/Body Reset Academy.

      About Me

      I am just like you.  A mom and wife struggling to keep her sanity every day.  Wanting more "me time" as I pour myself into my work and family responsibilities.  I spent far too many years dieting.  I spent far too many years chasing something that was always inside of me...purpose and my best self.   I was confused about how to lose weight, I could not decipher truth from fact.  I felt like I had tried everything.  I became convinced that being thin was just not in the cards for me.  I wasn't lucky enough to be born with a skinny frame and a fast metabolism.  These self-defeating thoughts, limiting beliefs as they are called were a convenient excuse.  A few other areas of my life suffered from a similar form of victim mentality.  I learned the most important lesson of my life - personal power is directly tied to personal responsibility.  When I finally took responsibility, I not only changed my weight, and health, I changed the way I interacted in my relationships and the world.    Now, at 47 years old, I feel stronger, healthier, and more empowered than I have in my lifetime.  And that powerful change is what inspired this revolutionary program. 

      "Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all of the happiness and growth occurs while you are climbing it." Andy Rooney

      Your RESISTANCE (aka fears)

      Click toggle arrow for the answers to your own limiting beliefs

      I understand that this is about changing to a healthier lifestyle but I hate cooking!

      The grocery store overwhelms me!

      I really want to make changes but my family (husband and kids)don't support it!

      I have been eating like this my entire life!

      I don't want to spend the money.  It is a lot!  I should be able to do this myself.

      I don't like change, I don't think I am capable of it.


      There are so many weight loss programs out there, why should I choose the Healthy Life Club?

      Because there is no other program like it.  Because I pride myself on understanding food, health, and human behavior and I know what it takes for people to transform their lives. And I would NEVER ask you to invest in something that would not challenge your personal, emotional and spiritual growth because that is where the magic happens.  

      But, yes, I am well aware of the 61 BILLION dollar weight loss industry.  You have lots of things to choose from but pretty much all of them are part of the same scheme to keep you coming back for more. They are able to maintain and increase these profits annually by making you think YOU have failed.  

      Do you really think it's your fault?  That you have no willpower, no motivation, or it's your genetics?  Alas how they prey on our weaknesses, how they like to keep us down.  How they like to keep us in doubt, and in the dark.

      Here is my promise to you. If you WANT to change anything about yourself and your life, I can help you make those changes. No one teaches us the real deal about food and health in this country, but even worse is that no one teaches us about ourselves. I teach you all of it, and arm you with the tools for life transformation.

      The truth is simple, lies complicate. 

      The industry makes faulty claims, promising bikini bodies, and washboard abs.  "You can sit on your couch watching the Kardasian's, and eat your favorite foods, and still lose 20 lbs in 20 days!  (seriously, these lies work on people!)

      Or, "buy my magic potion that costs $100 a bag to get the beach body you want."  So, are we supposed to buy this product for life?  Because let's be honest, we may lose weight on meal replacements, but eventually we will want to eat real food again.  We all know what happens then...

      None of them change your mind, body and life, for good.

      As a trained coach, I understand that the only way to change behaviors permanently, is to change minds first.  I also understand that the only way to get a different result is to do something drastically different.  

      I want to give you my proven, science and psychology backed knowledge and tools​ so that you never need me again. 

      Please do not enroll in the Academy if.....

      • you have the palate of an 8 year old and you refuse to eat your veggies.
        • you refuse to accept or understand that your possibilities and potential are endless.
      • you are one of those people that cares more about what you look like than health.  (a perfect example of this would be a person who would smoke to stop eating, or a body builder that takes steroids).
      • you have no interest in personal growth.
      • you have a victim mentality, meaning you don't want to take responsibility for your life because it is much easier to blame your problems on someone else.
      • you would rather live unconsciously, on auto-pilot, and in the drivers seat of your life.
      • you have every excuse in the book why you can't do it.  In my program there are no more excuses because excuses keep you stuck. Excuses rob you or your potential and your power.  

      100% Satisfaction Guarantee

      You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't learn anything new and want to cancel your course membership within the first two weeks just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund, no questions asked.  See Terms of Use for more.

      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Do we get all of the modules at once?

      How long will the modules take me?

      Is this a diet?  Do you tell me what to eat, and give me meal plans?

      When do we meet?

      Will I lose weight?

      What are the lessons like?

      I have a daughter who struggles, is this a good program for her?

      What if I miss a group coaching session?