I need to write because I feel like a Kombucha that has just been shaken.  Or for those of you unfamiliar with Kombucha, you can relate by imagining a soda bottle instead.

I haven’t had much of a blog, despite the fact that I have a lot to say, and I find writing therapeutic.

It is difficult for me to write because I am not sure that the world is ready to hear what I have to say.

I am a Healthy Life Coach.  What that means is that I am a Life Coach that focuses first, and foremost on food and how we nourish ourselves.  I believe that how we treat ourselves is how we invite the world to treat us.  I also believe that what, and how we eat is the answer to all of our biggest cultural, and personal problems. That may seem like a stretch, but it’s not.  It is the truth.

You see, our food culture defines us.  Just like the Greeks, the Italians, or the French.  How we all eat is a direct reflection of how we live.

How we eat, and what we eat is our very identity.  For some of you, this may make no sense at all.  But hear me out.

We are what we eat.  We all know that.  We are also HOW we eat.  So let’s discuss what and how we are eating in America.

We are eating processed foods and dead animals.  The hallmark of food processing is taking nutrients OUT of the food.  Quite simply, that means we are eating dead food all around.  So, it should be of no surprise to anyone that food is the number one cause of our death and disability.  The way we eat is literally robbing us of life.

We eat what is fast, easy, cheap and convenient.  We eat from boxes, bags, drive throughs and microwaves.  On our laps, in our cars, and with our hands.  We eat foods created by man for profit, instead of foods created by God for health.

And then when we realize that we are overweight and unhealthy, we commit to something temporary.  We go on diets, we buy meal replacement shakes, we do sugar detoxes, and count calories. Even though we have tried all of this before, and ended up right back where we started.

I am not judging.  Trust me, I did this for 22 freaking years.  This is what our culture breeds.  This is who we are.  We search for answers in all the wrong places because we have become so conditioned to not question anything. The answers will never be found in the man-made material world.  The answers lie within nature itself. This nature, of course, includes our own bodies.

The food we are eating is not only making us fat and sick, it is making us apathetic and stupid.  That may sound harsh, but lets be honest.  That’s what eating the Standard American Diet is all about.  If you don’t care about what you are putting into your own body, you are either lacking some serious knowledge or your priorities are really messed up.

The Standard American Diet shows that we are country bamboozled by man-made food products with flashy advertisements.  We think we are in control, that we make our own choices but most do not realize that there are powerful forces that are leading us to eat and live this way.  Without getting into the details, let’s agree that is very easy to be unhealthy in America, and very hard to be healthy.  This is by design.  If you do not know that design, you should look into my online learning/coaching course.

We take the easy way out as shown in our fast food lifestyle, and our preference for pharmaceutical drugs to cure our every ill.  We do not live in the moment.  We do not connect to ourselves, our families, or our friends on an intimate level.  We do not take care of our environment. We do not prioritize health in any way shape or form.

As someone who has been there, done that.  Let me explain how choosing to prioritize health, changes your life.

Health is life.  Let’s get that straight.  I often say, that learning how to eat, is about learning how to live.  In the moment, mindfully, consciously, respectfully, spiritually, and deliberately.

You prefer slow food, to fast food.  You honor your body, and the earth from which your food comes from.  You understand the earth is an extension of you.  The earth’s health, is your health, and vice versa.  You understand that cooking is an act of purpose and love.  For the time you spend creating healthy food for your loved ones, is a sign of deep respect for their well-being and their lives.

You prioritize the well-being of your children over all else. That means, you care more their eating habits, their sleep and their character, than you care about their grades, and their extracurricular activities.  You realize that without health, you have no life.  You realize that life is not about the materials things in this world.  Life is about the gifts we have been granted. Those gifts are our body, our planet, and each other.

You realize that healthy eating is a profoundly spiritual act.  It is a connection to our highest self.  The self that is aware and connected to the meaning and purpose of life. The self that knows that happiness does not come from material things.  The self that understands the spiritual nature of food, the circle of life that connects all life on this glorious planet.  The self that recognizes, respects and honors God’s gifts.

Healthy living is about being conscious of our choices, and how they affect our health, our lives, our planet, and each other.

Healthy living is living from your soul, not your ego.

Diets are ego driven.  They are selfish by nature, and they are an extension of our fast food culture.  They are not the solution to our weight and health problems.  Diets are nothing more than players in the same game.  As long as you choose those temporary fixes, you are choosing to be a pawn in that game.  That game will never end, because it’s rigged by people who make lots of money from a culture that breeds diets, disease, drugs and death by lifestyle.

If we stop eating the crappy food, we will stop needing pharmaceutical drugs, and we will stop getting cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  We will also demand that companies not pollute our Mother Earth.  All of this spells trouble to industries that serve the crappy food, the drugs, the “cures,” and the environmental toxins on a silver platter.   If we prioritize health, that means they have to explain profit losses to their shareholders, and that would not be good for them.

This is not a conspiracy, this is business.  The food, drug, and medical industries are for profit, make no mistake about that.  They are strong supporters of our economy.  The changes will never come from them.  The change must come from us.

I am here to tell you that you are not stuck in this game.  You have a choice, you can set yourself free.  I am here if you need me.