Intentional Living Challenge


Hi, I'm Cindy Carbone!

Healthy Life and Mind Coach  Let's start a journey of living intentionally, together.

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Intentional Living

Here is what I can promise.  You will learn over the next 21 days. I will guide you in some very basic tenets of intentionally nourishing and respecting your body, mind and life. You see you don't eat a bag of cookies or speak negatively to yourself intentionally.  On the contrary, you eat a million cookies and speak negatively to yourself because you are not living intentionally.  Intentional living is about making conscious deliberate choices. It is about being present and mindful with the decisions you make every day. The first step to changing anything about yourself, your habits and your life, is to learn to replace mindless auto-pilot choices, with mindful, deliberate choices.  Mindless choices create a mindless life. Intentional choices create an intentional life. That is what we will focus on for 21 days.

Here is what our 21 days will look like together:

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    Week 1 - Intention/Mindfulness- We will spend the entire first week setting intentions, creating affirmations, and learning about the power of the mind.  There is so much you don't know about your own mind that is crucial to understanding how to deliberately override your "old self."  I will spend this week sharing lots of education about how we humans use, or neglect the highest levels of our minds.
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    Week 2 - Hydration- Drink half your weight in ounces of water each day. Pretty simple yet 70% of our population is chronically dehydrated. Increase your energy, improve your clarity, focus, skin and overall health by naturally detoxifying your body through water consumption.
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    Week 3 - Eating mostly plants- We will focus on eating a plant based diet.  This is not about what you cannot eat.  This is about ADDING nutrient and fiber rich real, whole foods to your diet.  I will provide 5 vegetarian recipes, and make a strong case for living a plant based life.  

Are you ready to do something different?
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