Those are some of my books.  Those books saved my life.  

Unlike many in my field, I will not showcase bikini bodies or washboard abs.  I showcase books instead.

I am fine with you wanting to look good in a bikini, in fact, for the purpose of full disclosure, I need to tell you something.  I live in my Athleta bikinis all summer.  Yep, they are my outfit of choice, and I wear them constantly.  My husband jokes about how much he loves the summer months.

My point is that I want you to be so much more than a bikini body.

I think smart, confident women are the sexiest women alive.

I am an ex-dieter, ex-chubby girl, ex-body hater, ex-junk food lover and addict, and ex-exerciseaholic.  I am also an ex-kind of rigid, kind of stressed out mom, wife, daughter, sister, and friend, who tried to do everything “right.”

I went through a stage of hating my life, and having no gratitude too.

But those versions of me, were not who I wanted to be.

Let’s get one thing crystal clear, I LOVE food, and eating.

I never wanted to be that woman who ate like a tiny field mouse, got everything “on the side,”and counted every calorie.  I didn’t want to be that girl in spin class who peddled intensely when everyone else got up to leave, because she had to “burn another 150 calories.” 

I didn’t EVER want to be that, and something, innately, inside of me, knew that food and exercise should be a a source of pleasure and connection to the body, not a source of punishment.

But I wasn’t happy with the muffin top that oozed over my jeans.  I wasn’t happy feeling like I was going to explode after eating a meal, or even a snack!  I wasn’t happy when I put on a shirt and felt like I was going to rip open the back of it like David Banner transforming into the Hulk.  

And I certainly wasn’t happy wearing tankini’s from Lands End and clothes from JJill in my 20’s and 30’s!

I wasn’t happy having to go to the doctor to get a z-pack every other month for my chronic sinus infections.  And I wasn’t happy with my Flonase and Advair for allergies.  My Advil for migraines.  Or my constant IBS.  

Although, I considered myself an intelligent and successful woman, I felt powerless and helpless when it came to food. I could not lose weight and keep it off for my life, and I thought my health issues were just part of normal living. 

Finally, after 39 years of struggle with weight and health issues, I found the answers.  These secrets didn’t come from the usual places.  The weight came off without a scale, without counting a calorie, without deprivation or disconnection.  What’s more, my chronic health issues disappeared too.  Even better, my kids lives and future changed forever.

Turns out I WAS still smart. My only fault was trusting conventional advice.  It also turns out that health issues are not just a normal part of life.

I gained purpose, I gained knowledge, pleasure and connection.  I gained a true respect for my body, for food, and for life.  The personal and spiritual growth I have experienced through this process has astounded me.  And it all started with my mind.

“You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”  Albert Einstein

This is a fact,  if you cannot change your mind, you will not permanently change anything in your life.  

I want to kick myself for the 20 plus years of dieting, counting calories and utilizing willpower techniques when the solutions were SO simple, and so pleasurable!

I share those proven secrets with my clients, and I give them the tools to finally create the healthy body, and life that they love.

My programs are unique because they focus on changing minds in ways that are pleasurable, engaging, and empowering. These changed minds will always result in changed lives.  

I’m Cindy Carbone, and I’m a Healthy Life Coach.  Or maybe I am a Health & Mindset Coach, or maybe I am a Health & Relationship Coach, or maybe I am a Becoming Your Healthiest and Happiest Self Coach.   I am NOT a Health & Nutrition Coach  because technically I am not “allowed” to call myself a “nutrition” anything unless I am certified with the Academy Of Nutrition and Dietetics.  I don’t like the Academy much anyway, mostly because I think that the majority of their advice, well, sucks.  This is due to the fact that they cannot really say what they need to say because they are close friends with the folks at Big Food and Big Ag.  If you wonder what I mean, read this, lets just say the Academy’s corporate sponsors create serious credibility issues.  Not to mention, a huge conflict of interest.   It should be no wonder that our country cannot lose weight or gain health, when the very entity that governs all nutrition advice, is supported by the very companies that make us sick.

Which leads me to share another tidbit about me.

I am a little bit of a rebel.

I am not satisfied with America’s solutions to weight loss or health care.  This is due to the fact that not only have these strategies failed us miserably, they have actually made our situation worse.  And I am a firm believer in this…”if you want a different result, you must DO something different.”

So I came up with a simple, innovative solution to a very big cultural problem.

I am married and I have two boys. We live in north Texas, but I spent the first 37 years of my life in the Boston area.  I graduated from Union College, in Schenectady, NY with a BA in Sociology.  I worked in Human Resources for PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Fidelity Investments.  I stopped working outside of the home when my first son was born.

I battled weight most of my life.  I admired sleeveless shirts, short shorts, and bikinis from afar.  I often wonder if my change would have come around sooner if I hadn’t grown up in the 80’s, in Boston, where big clothes, and multiple layers were the norm.  Which leads me to another, more embarrassing fact, I LOVE 80’s MUSIC. And not the hard rock, bang your head 80’s music. I love the cheezy Madonna, Whitney Houston, George Michael, and Phil Collins 80’s music..

Despite having weight issues, I was an athlete.  My husband chuckles when I say that.  But I was a swimmer, a runner, and a soccer player.  I played varsity soccer in college, yes, it was division 3, but still….I used to run marathons, and my best time for a marathon was in my late 30’s, I ran a 3:21 to qualify for Boston (for us marathoners, Boston requires no “marathon” after it).  I ran Boston twice, with times of 3:28, and 3:29.

In 2010, I got a stress fracture one month before my third Boston. I haven’t run a marathon since.  But don’t be sad for me!  I am grateful that I can still run, and at that point, when I realized I couldn’t run 20 miles a day to burn calories, combined with my 40th birthday, I decided I had to focus more on the food I ate.

And then I discovered my true passion, my mission in life, the kind of mission that you knew was inside you from a very young age, but you didn’t know what it was. When my marathon door closed abruptly, and brutally in my face, it opened a new door, and there inside, was my heart, and a bunch of books.

My mission in life is to educate, empower, and inspire you to finally create a healthy body, and life that you love.  And my Mind/Body Reset Academy  will not only change minds and lives for good, it will enable my academy members to make said change pleasurably, and with purpose!

I am a graduate of the “Institute for Integrated Nutrition” and a Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach.

Lastly, I am an introvert, and truth be told, I am a loner.  I love quiet time, learning/reading, nature, animals, sunshine, real whole foods, being home, and tequila.  Oh, and please don’t judge me on the tequila, it aligns with my food philosophy, it comes from a plant! 🙂

That’s my family, in the most beautiful place in the world.  Where I grew up…Marblehead, Massachusetts.  A little seaport town, north of Boston that is truly breathtaking.  It is a place that will always and forever be my “home.”

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