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Hi, I am Cindy Carbone!

Healthy Life Coach and Creator of the Mind/Body Reset Academy. My mission is to help YOU change your mind, body, and life, for good!

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10 Dieting Mistakes​


10 Psychological Reasons Diets Fail


The Solution

You will never, ever, ever, get your life together, until you do something different.

I do not know who you are.  But I know that you want to feel and look your best.  I do not have a quick, easy overnight fix for you.  But I do have a very particular way of approaching health and life.  It is a unique, engaging, and inspiring approach that makes me a godsend for people like you.  People who know that there is a better way, a simpler way, and a more fulfilling way to create health, and increase life.

What You'll Discover in this 3-Part Course:

  • The 10 Dieting Mistakes everyone is making
    Spoiler alert, we've got it ALL wrong.  We have the wrong strategy, the wrong beliefs, and the wrong mindset, which is why 95% of diets fail.
  • The 10 Psychological Reason Diets Fail 
    Psychologically speaking, diets deprive us of our most basic human needs in life.   Success will come  when  we meet our needs for meaning, connection, and purpose.
  • That the only way to change your life, is to first change your mind.
    When your mind changes, your thoughts and focus change, and then behavior change is natural.
  • The Solution
    Give a woman a diet, and feed her for a day.  Teach a woman about food and health,  and feed her vitality for a lifetime.  Introducing the Mind/Body Reset Academy.

What Others Are Saying:

A new approach indeed!  I have never thought about it like this before.  Makes perfect sense.

Becky A.

Let's see, learn or diet?  That's a no brainer.  When will the Mind/Body Reset Academy open?

Mary Beth S.

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