May I ask a question?

Why the heck does everyone choose the misery of a diet?  I mean seriously, you starve, you obsess over every meal, you disconnect from all life on this planet, and you eat like a freaking hamster.

Some diets cost a small fortune.  Those one’s require drastic calorie reductions, just enough to lead the body to cannibalize it’s muscle.  They can require supplements and injections of God knows what.  You feel nauseous, you feel depressed, you feel deprived, but hey, it’s worth it, right?

Not really… because pretty much everyone gains it all back.  Statistics show that 95% of diets fail.  But I see it differently.

Diets always work.  The problem is they are not meant to be permanent.  They are temporary, therefore they provide a temporary result.  Say you lose 20 pounds on a strict diet, and then go back to eating exactly how you ate when we were 20 pounds heavier.  Why would you NOT anticipate gaining all the weight back?

Diets succeed exactly the way they are designed.  Therefore you have not failed all of those times.  You have chosen a drastic and temporary change in eating and living.  Therefore, you have chosen to temporarily lose weight.  And as soon as you go back to your old ways, you have chosen to go back to where you started.

So let’s be clear, for all of you that feel like failures.  You have not failed.

You have never chosen healthy living.  You have never chosen something sustainable.  You have never chosen permanent lifestyle change.  You have never chosen to learn, to grow, and to engage in a truly healthy life.

You have always chosen a diet.

Health is energy.  Health is vitality.  Health is connection.  Health is spiritual.  Health is INTENTIONAL.  Health means living your life to it’s fullest.

A diet is none of those things.

Everyone wants to be healthy.  No one wants to diet.

But how many people choose health?

I am convinced the majority of American’s do not even know what health is.

They have no idea how well they could feel.  They have no idea that they could wake up every day with the energy of a 3 year old.

They have no idea that real, whole plant based foods are literally God sent.

They think eating healthy is too expensive.  Have you priced cancer, or any of the other chronic diseases lately?

They think healthy living is difficult.  Since when has feeling radiant, nourished, energetic and alive been a hardship?  Since when has living a mindful and deliberate life been anything but what life is supposed to be all about?

Healthy food makes us smarter, more attractive, and happier. It increases our energy, our focus, our performance, and our confidence. It optimizes our physical and mental health.

Understand that healthy eating is the soil for which other positive, self respecting habits grow.

Healthy living is pleasurable and purposeful which is why it is sustainable.  You see, as a human being, you choose to act and behave based on how you feel.  If it feels good, you want to keep doing it. If it feels bad, you want to stop.

Healthy living is about choosing foods, thoughts and behaviors that keep you feeling powerful, and in control of your life.

For those of you who want to break the cycle of dieting, by choosing health, I have exactly what you need to begin your journey.