Here’s the truth.

The war on cancer, brought us more cancer.
The war on drugs, brought us more drugs.
The war on terror, has brought us more terror.

A focus on hate and fear, has just brought us more hate and fear.
A focus on what we divides us, (politics, religion, race, etc)has further divided us.

This is due to one simple fact. What you focus on is all that you see.

So, I have a great idea, and it is actually quite simple.

Let’s rid ourselves of high cancer rates and drug abuse rates, by focusing on HEALTH!
Let’s rid ourselves of terror, by focusing on peace.
Let’s rid ourselves of the selfish fear and hate in our hearts, by focusing on selflessness, love, compassion, and courage to do what is right.
Instead of labels and arguing, let’s talk about what we stand for, instead of what we stand against. There is always common ground in things we all stand for.

It is all a mindset people. What we focus on is exactly what we will see and it is exactly what we will get in our lives.  And what we focus on is our choice!