It is not your lack of willpower, or your gluttonous love of food.
It is not your big bones, or your genetic code.
It is not that you are a lazy sloth.

You will not have to slave over a stove all day.
You will not be limited to a diet consisting of lettuce, dirt and twigs.
You will still be able to enjoy restaurants and parties.
You can keep your friends and family (unless you want to get rid of them).

I promise that you are not under some hypnotic powers of junk food.
I promise that you are not in need of a magic pill, potion or shake.
I promise that you are NOT weak and helpless.

You know what you are?


Here is a fact about human behavior. When we feel uncertainty, confusion or doubt we tend to keep doing what we always do. In other words, we stay stuck.

And guess what?  There are millions of dollars being spent right now by filthy rich, powerful, and influential companies determined to keep you confused.  Determined to keep you right where you are.  Literally eating out of the palm of their hand, in the trunk of their Porsche, and in the pool house of their mansion.

Let me ask you a question.  Have you ever been told a big, fat, dirty lie?
Lies cause confusion. They make you doubt yourself and your intuition.  Lies steal your confidence.
Good liars keep you right under their pinky, with vague answers to all of your questions. They make you think that YOU are the crazy one, and that YOU are the cause of all your problems.

Sound familiar?

“You eat too much.  You don’t exercise enough.  Just count calories, and have some willpower.  Get off your ass and get some self-discipline.”  That’s what you hear, correct?

But what about the truth?  The truth never creates confusion, doubt or drama does it?  The truth liberates. The truth empowers. The truth sets you free!

What if I were to tell you that everything you think you know about food and health is wrong?  Sadly enough, I am not saying this for affect, but what you think you know is quite literally DEAD wrong.

Don’t you think it’s weird that we live in a country with a serious weight and health problem that actually makes it financially beneficial for us to eat more crappy food (think supersizing, and 68 ounce Big Gulps)?  

Don’t you think it is weird that massive profits are made in the weight loss industry (61 Billion), but this country gets heavier every single year? 

But you think it’s your fault.  Just like I thought it was mine.  I thought I had no willpower, I thought sugar owned me, I thought I should drink Diet Coke instead of Coke.  I thought all food was okay in moderation and that weight loss was a simple calculation of calories in vs calories out.

I want to give you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

You CAN create a healthy body and life you love – IF YOU WANT TO.  

Imagine bouncing out of bed in the morning with the energy of a 4 old boy.  Imagine eating foods that made your taste buds do the Carlton Dance.

Imagine feeling nourished instead of stuffed to the gills of a blowfish.

Imagine feeling deep respect for your body instead of wanting to cut your muffin top off.

Imagine loving yourself, but not just because I told you to.   Honestly, I don’t intend to be cruel, I am known to not candy coat my words.  If you don’t love yourself it is most likely because you are not proud of your choices.  You probably have lots of negativity going through your head, you probably don’t realize that you need to forgive yourself. Hell, we all make mistakes.  Reinventing ourselves is simply making choices that make us proud. You can start doing that today. Now. 

We love ourselves when we take action and do what we fear.

We love ourselves when we learn new things, and acquire new skills.

We love ourselves when we do the work to create a better life.  We love ourselves when we feel proud, and smart.  We love ourselves when we have purpose.

Our actions determine our  confidence and self esteem.  It is as simple as that.

Imagine feeling empowered over your health instead of a victim of some genetic time bomb waiting to explode.  Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing you, instead of your overweight mother. Imagine expanding and increasing your life.

Imagine being sure that what you are feeding your children is the best thing for their growing and developing brains and bodies.

I want this for you.  I want to give you the tools to become the best version of yourself.  I want to help you, support you, and change the world with you.  Being healthy is a revolutionary act and we must ban together to tackle a culture of obesity, disease, ignorance, and fear.  I want you with me, and I will do everything to support you. 

Knowledge IS infinite power. And food changes everything. To learn more about how you can finally create a healthy body, and life you love. Click HERE.