Are you going to fall prey to the Dark Side again in 2016?  Which of the following stages are you in?

The Diet Wars

Your Power Strikes Back

Return of the happy, healthy you.

You, the Force, Awakens.

As far as I can tell, most people are stuck in The Diet Wars, and missing out on the best part of their lives.

The Dark Side of the diet industry focuses on ego, deprivation, starvation, anxiety, obsession, disconnection, and disrespect.  It will never last or bring us happiness because there is no power and light in the emotions that diets bring into our lives.

Put it this way, no one WANTS to diet.  We do it for a result only, and we suffer like Darth Vader watching the Emperor zapping the life out of his son, Luke.

There is a science behind our mind/body connection which I will explain further down this post.  But here is the bottom line, if it doesn’t make us feel good and it is not something we want to do, it will never last, so you may as well stop dieting right now.

I created something simple, enjoyable, interesting, and engaging because it focuses on your light.  It is about YOU, your health, and your happiness. 

Health and happiness create feelings of love, hope, empowerment, respect, connection, joy, growth, gratitude and abundance (just to name a few astounding emotions when we seek light in our lives).

I created this program to help you discover the force within you.

I believe that every person in this world is capable of massive, pleasurable transformation.

I am just like you.

I spent far too many years dieting.  I spent far too many years thinking “when I lose weight, my life will change.”

I was confused about how to lose weight, I could not decipher truth from fact.  I felt like I had tried everything.  I became convinced that being thin was not in the cards for me.  Being chubby was who I was.

I wasn’t lucky enough to be born with a skinny frame or a fast metabolism.

These self-defeating thoughts, limiting beliefs as they are called were a convenient excuse.  A few other areas of my life suffered from a similar form of victim mentality.

Then one day everything changed.  Isn’t that how it always works?

In one moment, our lives change, and we always remember that moment.  They set us on a new path.  Maybe you meet the love of your life, maybe you get the job of your dreams, or maybe you realize what you were put on this earth to do.  Regardless of what it is, in a moment you feel a deep sense of change.  Even though you cannot physically see a change from the outside, you have transformed your mind and body to receive the change you want for yourself.  You have opened your mind to new possibilities.

We have all heard the mantra, change your mind, and you can change your life.  But do you know that mantra doesn’t come from woo-woo hippie types, it actually comes from science?

Let me explain why I made sure the Mind/Body Reset Academy would change minds.  If I may quote Dr. Joe Dispenza, a best selling author with a passion for teaching others how to use neuroscience and quantum physics to reprogram their brains.  

“As long as you are thinking the same thoughts, they will lead to the same choices, which cause the same behaviors, which create the same experiences, which produce the same emotions, which in turn drive the same thoughts, so that neuro-chemically, you stay the same.”

This isn’t rocket science, it is neuroscience.  Simply put our brains consist of numerous neural connections.  The brain will always seek to form habits because it has so much to do.  Our habits and routines happen without consciousness freeing up our brain to do other things.  The more we do something habitually, the stronger and thicker that particular neural pathway becomes.  It is the brain’s version of auto-pilot.

These habits come in multiple forms of thoughts, emotions, and actions.  The more we live a routine and habitual life without consciousness, the less possibilities that we see for ourselves because we have weakened other possible neural connections by not utilizing them.

Here is a simple example of how our brains work.  As a mom of a 15 year old learning to drive, I see it perfectly.  Whereas, I drive with little thought, my son’s mind is creating new neural pathways every time he gets behind the wheel.  He must think about how much he pushes on the gas, and the brake.  He must think about how to back up and how much to turn the wheel.  His brain is in a conscious state as he drives because he is learning something new.  Most adult brains, are in no such state while driving anymore, which is a good thing.

This is also why young people tend to be more open minded than adults.  Life is still new to them, they are still learning, and experiencing new things.  Their neural pathways are open, and the possibilities are endless for them.

As adults, we often get into our habitual thought patterns, emotions, and routines due to life’s pressures, and in doing so, we literally close our neural pathways to possibility, and shrink our brains. But our brains are not designed for this.  Our brains are designed to expand through their vast neural networks, and our happiness and health actually depend on continually utilizing these connections.

Think of it this way.  Many of us have careers.  If you learned one skill and stayed with that one skill without exploring and expanding your mind, you would not move very far up the corporate ladder. Those people that have the most success in their professional life, are the one’s constantly learning and expanding their brains, and then taking action.  The more they learn and apply that learning, the more successful they become.  And everything they learn eventually becomes easy, to open new paths to new ideas.  The brain continues to fire in all sorts of neural directions, and stays in tip top condition.

The same goes for our thoughts, emotions, and personal behaviors.  You must constantly be seeking to learn and expand, or we become stuck in beliefs and patterns that limit our growth and potential.

So changing our bodies, our health and our lives, has nothing to do with willpower, and everything to do with brain power.  It is simple science, and it is what influenced and inspired me to create the Mind/Body Reset Academy.

The Mind/Body Reset Academy is a Tony Robbins meets Erin Brockovich journey to health and happiness.  It opens new neural pathways in your mind by giving you a totally different experience. You learn about yourself, your thoughts, and your actions, and how they dictate your life.  You also learn about food and health in America, and trust me, you need to know the real deal behind our growing waist lines, and dire health statistics.

All of this, combined with empowering emotions and actions, opens you up to create and receive a new you.

If you are interested in learning more about the Mind/Body Reset Academy, click here now.