America has sold its soul for money. It’s been a quiet contract that has lurked in our shadows for a very long time.

That insidious “Deep State” we hear so much about is not a group of specific people, it’s the darkness of humanity. It’s greed, fear, scarcity, and the selfishness we find within ourselves.

Donald Trump is merely a symbol, a flagrant red flag, of what we have allowed ourselves to become.

We have always given moneyed interests power, and treated them specially. For some really strange reason we have chosen to believe that money is synonymous with good, even the religious have bought into this belief. Despite the thousands of Bible verses condemning greed itself. The Bible says verbatim that it’s impossible for rich men to go to Heaven, more than once, and very specifically.  Here are a list of Bible verses that talk about greed.

Matthew 19:24: I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. 

Yet even the religious worship money.  Ironically, Christianity was birthed by Jesus’ condemnation of the rich and powerful religious elite. He called them out, and made his humble position with the poor, weak and marginalized well known.

History really does repeat itself.

Mankind always has to be pulled from the deep dark depths of its’ greedy hell, and we will go as low as using God himself, to justify our human desires.  This is nothing new folks.  We aren’t unique, this is how the world turns.  Which is probably why the Jesus spends SO much time warning us about greed.

Which leads me to share something really important. We are not blessed by material things, we are blessed by emotional well-being. The feelings of love, empathy, peace, hope, coherence, and gratitude, that is the state of being that we all seek. Those are emotions of a divine connection that is beyond the material realm.  It is found internally, not externally.  When you have an insatiable need for image, status, money, power, and material desires it is because you are NOT connected to the divine. The divine holds no such void.

But until we ALL see this, we are doomed to keep repeating our mistakes. We are doomed to keep seeking a heightened emotional state in our ego driven desires.

We are a severely fractured and divided society right now, but not for the reasons we think. We are divided because we are being called on to evolve and change. And growth and change causes massive unrest and discomfort. It hurts, it disrupts and it throws us off balance.

People defend the honor of Trump, of Clinton and of their political parties, religious institutions etc not because they are really defending those people or institutions but because they are defending themselves. Because most of us have sold our souls too. Bought into this idea that money is everything. Bought into image, status, power and materialism. Bought into identity politics.

We have sold out our own health, our intimate relationships, our identity, and our well-being, all in the pursuit of money and material possessions.

We can’t hold our leaders, institutions, systems or country accountable because we cannot bear to hold ourselves accountable.

We created this mess. All of us. The little things we neglected to see. The quiet corruption. The little lies. The hypocrisy. The justifications. The apathy. The ignorance. The immediate gratification. The blame.

We have ALWAYS attacked truth tellers. They make us so angry. They fracture our well built facade.  We tell them to get out, go somewhere else, tote the line or else!  We hate to hear about our own ugliness and faults and mistakes. Even though that ugliness, those faults and those mistakes are our opportunities for growth.

Even though the truth tellers are trying to help us become better, we shun their courage and punish them for empowering us to progress.

But without awareness of ourselves and intention to become better, we have no purpose.

I see this, clear as a bright blue sky because many years ago I was faced with decisions that led to my own growth. I had to look in the mirror, and see my ugly. I had to challenge my beliefs about who I was, and break down my facade.  I made choices that were hard and I fully exposed my faults and mistakes in order to rectify them.

Something really transformative happens when you stop lying to yourself, you become seamlessly connected to truth.

Falling for liars is never about the liars, it’s about the lies we tell ourselves.

Most of our leaders, systems and institutions are corrupted by greed. It’s THAT simple.

Those of us who identify with specific leaders, groups, systems or institutions will protect the reputation of our group. It happens with all scandals and facade breakdowns. Familiar examples to you may be the Catholic Church pedophilia, Penn State, Abu Ghraib torture and abuse, USA gymnastics sexual abuse, our current political system that allows for legalized bribery of ALL of our politicians.

The list goes on, and on, and on, and most of us are party to one or more of these systems. And when we identify strongly with any group, we will close our eyes to its faults and issues. We will find ourselves defensive and angry when others criticize the group we identify with. And when we find ourselves in that defensive and angry state we need to stop, and realize that we are reacting to our discomfort with the truth.

Lies will keep us comfortable. But comfort is the enemy of progress.

And that is where we sit today. Unhealthy, incoherent, and stunted in every which way.

We were created to evolve and progress. It is an inevitable part of the human condition. Anyone that has studied the human mind and body knows that we are made perfectly. Our human nature is to connect, love, explore, and expand. We are designed for change and growth.

The truth we don’t want to know will ALWAYS make us uncomfortable and disrupt us. This is not something that should be feared, it should be revered. It is a necessary process of human progress. It is change, and our humanity is calling on us to evolve right now.

Your truth and liberation lies in you understanding where you are angry, defensive and most uncomfortable.

Stop trying to change others. Change yourself.  I promise that you will be stronger, braver, happier, healthier and your personal transformation will influence the world in powerful ways.