The Wellbeing Challenge


Hi, I'm Cindy Carbone!

Healthy Life and Mindset Coach.  Let's focus on some basic tenets of wellness together, and spread it for 21 days straight.

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Wellbeing is all encompassing. It is holistic. It is not only physical, it is mental and emotional. What we feed our minds is just as important as what we feed our bodies. Today we live in a world that is not intentional about our health, and it shows on every level. We eat food that is without nutrients because we prefer what is fast, cheap, easy and convenient. We eat food that feeds disease, instead of fights it, because we are in desperate need to immediately gratifying ourselves.  It takes a lot of wisdom, soul searching, and foresight to make decisions today that affect our health, and lives tomorrow. We react to our thoughts and external experiences, often taking everything personally, when nothing is personal. We blame our genes, other people, and our circumstances, often maintaining and spreading a negative emotional state. Our lives are more conditioned by the external, and our behaviors a reaction to that which sets us off.  Our ego rules the roost with anxiety, fear, judgement, anger, frustration, and limiting beliefs, while our soul suffers from lack of joy, wonder, curiosity, empathy, knowledge, compassion and awe.  We let drama, judgement, gossip, viral misery, excuses, blame and dogma drag us into it's insidious web instead of intentionally stopping it is it's tracks by engaging with only truth, courage, authenticity, integrity and love, Wellbeing means being deliberate about our physical, mental and emotional health. It means working from the inside out and intentionally choosing foods, thoughts, and emotions that support, respect, and nourish our best selves.  When our inside is truly healthy, so will be our choices, emotions, and behaviors.   In our defense, no one has ever taught us this, so lets start with some basics.

Here are the details of this 21 day Wellbeing Challenge:

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    Drink half your weight in ounces of water each day. Pretty simple yet 70% of our population is chronically dehydrated. Increase your energy, improve your clarity, focus, skin and overall health by naturally detoxifying your body through water consumption. Water flushes toxins so instead of complaining about how much you have to pee during this challenge, recognize each trip to the bathroom as a toxic flush. You are literally ridding your body of toxins that would otherwise build up in your system.  (prime example of how to shift your thoughts from a negative to a positive)
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    Keep a gratitude journal.  Write down 2-3 things you are grateful for every day. This shifts your mind from the negative to the positive. Studies shows that gratitude (and love of learning) are the two character traits most aligned with wellbeing.
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    Send a "appreciation" text or email to someone every day. This will help both you,and the recipient of your kind words. This is about spreading love and appreciation in the world. Think about it like a pay it forward type of gesture. Just like negativity spreads so does positivity.  So you are deliberately eliciting positive emotions in yourself and someone else.  
  • Lastly, we will share a private Facebook page for this challenge. Every day I will post one thing that will help enhance your wellbeing, be it a short article, Ted Talk, Podcast or additional behavior challenge.  They will be short and simple. An example may Brene Brown's Ted Talk about Vulnerability, or a behavior challenge, like sincerely complimenting a stranger.  

Are you ready to start being deliberate about your health and wellbeing? The price for this 21 day virtual challenge is $25.00. Use the social media share buttons below to tell your friends!