changeI will begin by telling you my mission and desire.  If you want to hear my personal weight loss story first, click here.  I believe too many women are stuck living a life that lacks confidence, happiness, vitality, passion, and gratitude.  I believe too many women struggle with food issues and poor body image. I want women to take their power back, I want them to invest in their greatness, and stop putting everyone else’s needs in front of their own. I believe women are a force for massive cultural change, and I want to empower them by showing them how to engage in a lifestyle that nourishes their body, their mind, and their soul. Too many people feel like they “can’t,” yet I know that they can, and I have the tools to help them get there.   Being “stuck” means we have stopped making progress in life, we become complacent with our bodies, our minds, and our relationships. Women have way too much to give, and cannot allow this to happen.  We must fully engage in life, we must learn, we must change our limiting beliefs, and we must seek growth. There is no such thing as “finding yourself,”  there really isn’t. You must create yourself.

I help women lose weight pleasurably, so that they feel nourished and empowered, without counting calories or dieting.  And when it comes to lasting weight loss, here it is the skinny, plain and simple.  I am about to tell you the truth, full knowing that many of you do not want to hear it, that most people will say “that’s too hard,” and walk away.  There is only ONE way to lose weight for good, and that is lifestyle change.  It is about cooking, food shopping, and learning new things.  It is about changing where you shop and where you eat.  It is about changing the way you feed your family.  It is about nourishing your body with real, whole foods that give you energy and vitality.  It is about focusing on health, not weight.

Here is what it is NOT about.  Quick fixes, diets, deprivation, starvation, going back to old ways after weight is lost.  Feeding yourself diet meals, while feeding your kids the same old crap.  It is not about low calorie snack packs, diet drinks, exercising for hours on end, drinking stupid shakes, and taking appetite suppressants.  It is not about eating the same foods, but eating less of them.

It is not about changing how much you eat, it is about changing WHAT and HOW you eat.

Weight loss is also about mindset.  What you think of yourself reflects in how you treat yourself, and how you treat yourself, is how you invite the world to treat you.  If you are still reading, then you are interested, yet probably overwhelmed and scared.  You know I am right, but you cannot imagine actually changing how you eat and live.  You feel tense, but please read on, and let me reframe some of your resistance.  Here are the most common objections I hear from people.

  1. “I have lost weight in the past, and gained it all back.  I am afraid I will never be able to lose weight and keep it off.”  Reframe:  It is not your fault.  You have followed bad advice.  You do not lack willpower or control.  You did not follow the strategy to lasting weight loss, and that is lifestyle change.  The biggest difference in diet vs lifestyle change is that with lifestyle change you ADD the good stuff.  You create new habits.  You ENGAGE in a healthy lifestyle.  Engage means “attract and involve.”  Think about how different that is from dieting.
  2. “I don’t want to give up my favorite foods.”  Reframe:  You will find new favorite foods.  I promise you that I LOVE food and I eat very well.  No one would ever say that I eat like a bird or that I am not fun to eat with.  On the contrary, I eat LOTS of real, whole delicious foods.  Real food tastes SO much better than the stuff you are eating now.  Trust me on that.
  3. “I hate to cook” (which usually translates to “I don’t know how to cook.”)  Reframe:  Cooking is a desirable skill, it will make you more appealing, more interesting, and add so much value to your life.  It is fun, it connects you to your spouse, your children, and your friends.  You don’t hate to cook, you just need to approach it differently.
  4. “I hate food shopping, it overwhelms me.”  Reframe: Have you ever started a new job? Was it not overwhelming and tons of work?  But after about a year, what happened?  It became easy, second nature, like going through the motions.  Don’t fear something just because it seems hard, it gets easier.
  5. “I will feel deprived and hungry.”  Reframe:  Actually, you will not.  You are thinking about dieting, which is about deprivation and starvation, for the most part.  When you eat real whole plant based foods, you can eat LOTS of them.  They are delicious, and best of all they fill you up because they are providing your body with the nutrients it needs.  There is a reason you can eat an entire bag of chips in one sitting, it is because your body is searching for nutrients it will never find in processed foods, so it tells you to keep eating.
  6. “It is SO hard and requires too much work.  I don’t have the time.”  Reframe:  It can be work, and it does take time, but it is rewarding.  Anything worthwhile in life, requires work.  Being healthy and taking care of your body brings with it confidence, pride, self-respect and self-love.  Not to mention a killer body, abundant energy, and youthfulness.  Well worth it, I think.
  7. “But my spouse, my kids or my friends will not like the new me, and my new way of living.”  Reframe:  Inspire change and health in those you love.  Once they see the beautiful changes in you, they will want some of what you are having. Do you not look at healthy, happy people and tell yourself that you want that for yourself?
  8. “This is just who I am, this is just my body, I cannot have what I want.”  Reframe:  Whether you think you can, or your think you can’t.  You are right.  Enough said.

Do you fear gaining weight year after year?  Do you look at your parents and worry that you will end up overweight and unhealthy, just like them?  Do you want to feel confident, youthful, vibrant, sexy, energetic and strong?  Then DO something about it.  Nothing will change in your life, until you do.


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Who are you and who do you want to be?  Close your eyes and imagine the best version of yourself.  What do you look like?  What do you feel like? What do others see when they look at you?  The summer is right around the corner, and bikinis, flip flops, shorts and tank tops are filling the stores.  Click here for more detailed information and pricing.   Early bird spring special offered for a limited time.

If you do not take the leap, right here, right now, when you are feeling inspired, you will allow resistance and fear to come back in.  So do me a favor, if you are struggling with this decision, look for a sign. Better yet, ask yourself this.  Does reading this make you WANT to change, does it make you feel motivated?  Then, all of a sudden, does your mind chatter turn negative?   How does that feel?  Base your decision on what makes you feel GOOD, not bad.  I promise you this, the best version of you will begin, the moment you decide to be FEARLESS!