Conscious women will change the world.  Will you be one of them?

We do a module of the online learning/coaching program called the Mind/Body Reset Academy each week, and we meet in my living room to discuss it.  It is like a book club about food, health, and personal growth.

We sit in a circle with our journals,  sipping clear cool lemon (or orange water, or strawberry/basil water)water from a mason jar. We try new foods, and engage in meaningful conversation about how to break free from this culture that is robbing us of life.

We are a group of women brought together, not by children, or work, or a neighborhood.  We are women brought together by a common goal.  We are women who want to connect, learn, grow and increase our health and well-being. We are women who want to raise healthy, happy children.

We are women who want to be informed, inspired and powerful.

When these women begin my program, I know something that they don’t.  Although they come open to changing their minds, bodies and lives, they don’t realize the profound impact their new knowledge and new choices will have on the world.

There is a fundamental difference between going on a diet, and engaging in my healthy life program.  One is about you alone, the other is about how your choices impact all life on this planet.

Diets are common in America, but health is not.

While pursuing diets connects us to our ego, pursuing health connects us to our soul. While diets disconnect us from life, health reconnects us to the world.


“I am.  Two of the most powerful words, for what you place after them shapes your reality.”

We start off each group coaching session with “I AM” statements.

“I am in control of my choices and my health.”

“I feel like this program is what I have been searching for.  Therefore, I feel like I am found.”

“I am consistent.”

“I am becoming my personal best and not conforming to society.”

“I am changing my health, my life and my children’s future.”

“I am in control of my thoughts and emotions.”

We are the Healthy Life Club.  We are changing the world, by changing ourselves.

This is us.

We talk about issues that matter.

We are changing the conversation about food and health.

We are breaking the rules, ditching excuses, and rebelling against cultural norms.

We are here to shake things up.

We insist on living our lives with connection, purpose and intention.

We choose our thoughts.  We choose powerful emotions.  We choose healthy behaviors.  We choose food that nourishes and respects us.

We have stepped up for life –My life.  Your life.  And all other life on this planet.

We will never sit back down because this is too important.  Our children are too important.  WE are too important.  LIFE is too important.

You can watch us.  You can join us.  About the only thing you cannot do, is ignore us.  Because we are doing something different.  We are pushing ourselves forward.

And while some may not understand us, we see things clearly.

We know that the people who change their minds, change everything.  And the people who change their lives, change the world.

-Healthy Life Club Oath

If you are interested in joining the next chapter of the Healthy Life Club, please contact me directly to get on the waiting list.  We will be doing a simple FREE Facebook challenge between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and this will set you up for first dibs for Healthy Life Club chapters starting in January.  Only 10 people allowed per HLC chapter.