Corporate Wellness


“Because your employee’s health IS your business.”

  • More healthcare spending does not equate to better health.
  • Our healthcare costs are out of control, increasing, and unsustainable.
  • We do not have a healthcare system, we have a disease care system.
  • Prevention of chronic disease is the only way to reduce your costs.
  • Workplace wellness MUST change behaviors.
  • Food and health education, as well as effective lifestyle coaching are the keys to this behavior change.

$2.8 Trillion – The amount spent on healthcare in the U.S. in 2012.  This number is rising.

75% – The percentage of our healthcare costs that go to treating individuals with PREVENTABLE chronic diseases.

The United States spends more on healthcare than Japan, Germany, France, China, UK, Italy, Canada, Brazil, Spain and Australia COMBINED.  YET, the World Health Organization ranks us 37th for overall health outcomes.  What does this mean?  Healthcare spending does not equate to better health.

My company hired Cindy to do a few health education seminars over the past year.  I was extremely impressed with her professionalism, her expertise, and her approach to healthy living and overall well-being.  Cindy says her goal is to “change minds” about food and health in America.  It is also to “inspire healthy living.”  She does this perfectly in just one presentation.  We have had numerous employees make small but powerful change in their lives after hearing Cindy talk.  Some have quit drinking soda, some have gotten off of diabetes meds, and some have made a complete overhaul of their unhealthy lifestyles.  Cindy’s message is thought provoking, educational and empowering.  She really does change minds and lives.  And may I add, she does this very easily!

Charles Plumhoff

Owner/CFO, AUI Contractors


Our current health care costs are astronomical and unsustainable.  As a nation we are plagued by food and lifestyle related disease, with 80% of those diseases being preventable. Current health issues are medically treated yet socially driven, with much money being spent on weight loss and wellness programs that do not change minds or lives.

If I may paraphrase a great quote. We cannot make progress without change.  And in order to change our lives and behaviors, we must first change our minds. Or as Albert Einstein states “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Most corporate wellness programs continue to involve biometric screenings, and software programs that do NOT change minds, behaviors or prevent disease. This is because they do not instill the knowledge necessary to clear up the confusion that continues to sabotage our attempts to lose weight and gain health, permanently.   Diets are not the answer, eating less calories and exercising more, is a paradigm that deprives, depletes and defeats us.  True vibrant health is engaging, and it feels nourishing, fulfilling, and empowering.

My mission is to improve the physical and financial health of your company through non-conventional education about food and health in America.  I will instill knowledge, while providing inspiration, so your employees will be empowered to make permanent and powerful lifestyle change.  I will encourage interested employees, while motivating them to make choices that benefit and nourish their bodies.  Being healthy is a revolutionary act in America.  Eating MORE real, whole, vibrant plant based foods is not boring, nor difficult.  In fact, it gives us life and purpose. The most astonishing benefit, is the ripple effect that these transformations have on family members, friends, and coworkers.  Everyone wants to be extraordinary, and everyone wants to feel their best.

I seek companies who understand how their employee’s health and lifestyle choices directly affect their bottom line.  I seek leaders who want to create an energetic and health inspired culture in the workplace.  Most importantly, I seek companies who are not satisfied with the status quo, who realize that different results require different actions.

  • One in two Americans suffers from at least one chronic illness. (CDC)
  • More than half of the U.S. adults are on one or more prescription drugs at any given time.
  • One out of every two men, and one out of every three women will develop cancer in their lifetime. (ACS)
  • The percentage of U.S. children and adolescents with chronic health conditions has nearly quadrupled in the past 40 years.  (CDC)
  • One our of every three children born in the U.S. after the year 2000 is predicted to develop Type 2 diabetes. (CDC)
  • Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure costs this country more than $120 billion each year. (Michelle Obama)
  • Since 1980, adult obesity rates have doubled, child obesity rates of tripled, breast cancer rates have more than doubled, and    type 2 diabetes has more than tripled. (CDC)
  • Top three killers in our country are cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes.  80% of these chronic diseases are completely  preventable with healthy food and lifestyle choices.  

Hire Cindy to speak at your next event!
“Empowered Health and Life” Seminars

  • As a company do you offer lots of different opportunities for your employees?
  • Do you find that most employees do not engage in wellness programs or take charge of their health and life?
  • Do you feel frustrated by employee complaints about work/life balance, healthcare costs, and other issues that you feel you do your best to address?
  • Need some healthy inspiration in your workplace?
  • Need someone to come in and turn conventional ideas upside down, while providing easier, more sustainable and engaging solutions to health and weight loss?
  • Need someone who can share their own success story, and provide your employees with a new strategy to obtain their health goals?
  • Need new, fresh and innovative ideas to get your employees believing in themselves and their ability to change?

I was introduced to Cindy by a mutual acquaintance.  Cindy has been an amazing spokesperson, ambassador and health expert for our business.  Cindy helped us share the Nekter story and product benefits with customers at a number of functions and in meetings with local business leaders.  Perhaps most importantly, Cindy has gotten my wife, Donna and me to closely examine what we are eating and drinking and how it affects our health…we regularly joke, “would Cindy approve of that?”  I also have had the privilege of attending one of Cindy’s wellness seminars.  She spoke with great passion and exceptional knowledge.  Her approach to weight loss and health changes minds, which is the first step to changing lives.  I would endorse Cindy and her programs to anyone looking to pursue a healthier lifestyle, especially for parents looking to give their kids the healthiest upbringing possible.

Jim Ballard

Owner, Nekter Juice Bar

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you need my “Empowered Health & Life Seminar.”  I believe that each and every individual is responsible for their own career, health, and happiness.  I believe many companies do a lot of the right things, but do not get the credit or employee engagement that they desire.  I believe in empowering people to take charge of their own health and lives.  And I love to share my passion for doing just that, by creating a healthy mind and body.

I have been called a motivational speaker for healthy living, and more recently I was told that I “ooze a passion for health and life.”  I provide educational seminars, I provide a new strategy for weight loss, but most importantly, my passion for health, food and mindset is infectious.  In order to make change in our lives, we must WANT that change.  Too many people believe that healthy living is difficult, depriving, bland, and boring.  I blow those ideas up, kick them to the curb, and show people that healthy living changes EVERYTHING.

If you need a Wellness Speaker/Healthy Living Expert, look no further.  Please give me a call to set it up.   978/790-2411.

Health & Lifestyle Coaching

How can I improve the physical and financial health of your company?

Corporate health and wellness programs need not be complicated, nor a huge investment.  Our current weight loss and health care model is clearly not working.  Just look around.  My program is unique because it is a positive, personal, and fulfilling experience.  I provide non-conventional food and health education unknown to the majority of Americans.  More importantly, I empower, inspire and motivate people to respect and nourish their bodies, which is completely the opposite of the dieting paradigm in today’s society.  I prove that eating MORE real, delicious, whole plant foods mends our relationship with ourselves and our bodies.  I prove food is the most powerful medicine for the body and mind.  This coaching experience changes minds and lives, and will enhance and compliment any already existing wellness program that you may have.

Current wellness trends show a need for a more personalized approach to employee health.  Many companies are providing on-site health coaches once a week, or every other week(time determined by company size)to work one-on-one with interested employees.  This greatly benefits the employee seeking the knowledge and support to change their lifestyle for the better.

How Health & Lifestyle Coaching benefits your business:

  • You would be a progressive leader in a more personal and transformational corporate wellness paradigm
  • Attract health conscious recruits (who tend to be more productive, with less healthcare costs)
  • Create a healthier corporate culture, that encourages and unlocks employee potential
  • Lower healthcare costs as people are empowered to make choices that support their health and total well-being.
  • Empowered, vibrant, confident and productive employees.

Please contact me to discuss the specific needs at your workplace. My mission is to influence your employees in such a way that they WANT to change their behaviors and lifestyle, for good.