Ignite Your Healthy Spark

Who will this workshop benefit most?

  • The woman who feels stuck, unmotivated and unable to make changes that last. 
  • The woman who keeps waiting until "she is ready," and needs someone to encourage her to take the leap. (or kick her in the behind!)
  • The mom who wants to make sure she is feeding her children the best foods for their health.
  • The woman who doesn't want to look back 6 months or a year from now, and wish she had started today.
  • The woman who feels like she has tried it all.  She is confused about what to eat, and she doubts her own power to make change.
  • The woman looking for greater control over her choices and her life.

Hi, I'm Cindy.  I am a health activist, disguised as a Healthy Life Coach and Speaker, who's 'soul' purpose is to help women feel informed, inspired and empowered to create a healthy body, and life that they love.  

(see below for more about me)

The foundation of this workshop

  • BE EDUCATED:  Learn the real deal about food and health in America. Without knowledge and expertise it is virtually impossible to decipher myth from facts.  Truthful, factual information always empowers.  It is the doubt and confusion that keeps us in the same behavior patterns.
  • BE INSPIRED: Healthy living gets a bad wrap.  We think we have to eat like a woodpecker, and count every calorie. But that describes a diet, not a healthy lifestyle.  The best food on this planet will create the best version of you. Health is the foundation of all that is powerful and radiant in this world.
  • BE EMPOWERED: By understanding human behavior, in particular that we are driven by thoughts and emotions, we are better able to make permanent and pleasurable change.  Mastering our lives means understanding what makes us behave like we do.
  • You will leave with a simple 5 step healthy action plan that you can apply to your life right away.  You will also leave with a small gift to support your health, and a yummy snack with recipe. Not to mention knowledge and a powerful shift in your thinking.

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WHO: Women who want to be informed, inspired and powerful.

DATE/TIME:  Check back here for new dates soon! Contact me to be first to know of next workshop!

LOCATION: Food Saved Me, 535 S. Nolen Dr #400, Southlake, TX 76092

COST: $79

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Cindy Carbone
Creator of CLEAN Eating Formula and Mind/Body Reset Academy

Why should you trust me?

‚ÄčI struggled with weight and diets for 22 years. I struggled with my health and my happiness.  I struggled with my marriage. The truth is that we create our own misery or we create our own happiness.  It is hard to be overweight, unhealthy and unfulfilled. And it's hard to do the work to get out of that rut and transform our lives.  We choose which hard we want to live with.  I choose an informed, inspired life.  I choose health.  I choose to prioritize my children's well-being.  I want you to choose the same.

I have a very unique approach to food, health, and life.  Unlike conventional ideas, it is truthful, spiritual, and intentional.  And it carries purpose that goes far beyond our superficial egos.  I think differently, and I am passionate and devoted to changing the conversation about food and health.   I firmly believe that the soil from which all happiness grows, is health.  Our healthiest self is our highest self.  The unfortunate fact is that our food culture is designed to feed our lowest selves... Don't miss this opportunity to begin a pleasurable and powerful journey of transformation.